Coming to theatres from director Ben Nott, Morgan O’Neill and Lionsgate comes the telling of a water tale in the form of DRIFT.

This film tells the story of two brothers Jimmy (Xavier Samuel) and Andy (Myles Pollard) who, along with their mother Kat (Robyn Malcolm), have run from an abusive father. Landing up on the beaches of Australia these three brothers have found life in the waves.

Jimmy has become a surfer to be reckoned with winning contests and Andy works hard to keep the family going.

Then they meet LB (Sam Worthington) and Lani (Lesley-Ann Brandt) who are living out of a psychedelic bus also surfing the waves.

Instead of working for someone else the brothers get the idea to open Kelly Brothers Surf Gear. Fabricating unique surfboards the brothers make a go of it, with Kat sewing wet suits for order. Brother Andy is a born salesman as boards fly out the door. So now its time to see how far they can really go.

Taking their act on the road as it were the gang tries to expand their business but leave it to those who don’t want to see them succeed to try and crush the uncrushable!

FINAL WORD: Pollard as Andy is clearly the head of the family and the family business. Always working hard and watching over his brother and mother leaves him little time to watch out for himself! This is a strong character and Pollard is the guy anyone would want on there side.

Samuel as Jimmy is the brother that on the outside is creative but inside is just a mess. Getting into trouble seems to be his specialty but he never gets in so deep big brother isn’t there to pull him back. Trying to save family friend Gus (Aaron Glenane) from himself becomes a second job.

Malcolm as Mom Kat is delightful and seeing this character get away from a bad situation first off is wonderful. Secondly, watching this character support her sons in what most mothers might think is a silly dream is well played by this actress. Brandt as Lani is a love interest that also seems to be looking for a family, love and a life she can call her own.

Worthington starts out as a friend figure for the boys but has his own set of rules he lives by. Doing what he wants with no rules isn’t exactly what Andy has in mind.

Other cast include: Steve Bastoni as Miller, Laura Fairclough as Lisa, Ben Mortley as Buzzcock and Sarah Louella as Tina.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DRIFT three tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly do enjoy that its based on actual events and I’m a fan of big waves so putting those two together is well done. The cinematography is quite good with the waves Australia in full view for audiences to grasp. These waves are beyond huge and can be deadly.

The storyline of a family struggling to come to grips with a past to forge a future is beautifully written and portrayed. Watching this story unfold with a history that is as deep as the ocean itself this film is filled with love, loyalty and expecting nothing less! It’s awesome to root for the underdog!

In the end – two brothers, one dream and no rules!

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