Coming to theatres from director Dominic H. White and Gravitas Ventures is a reality check about where we are heading with technology and becoming DSKNECTD.

This film begins discussing how technology crept into homes and pocketbooks as early as 1999. The 21st century was always a world of flying cars for many of the now older generation. But what we thought would happen and what actually has happened is a transformation we didn’t see coming.

The wide open world of smart phones and social media have given us a virtual society that has left many unprepared. In one decade we have come so far but is it for the better?

FINAL WORD: It is a fast paced documentary to be sure. There is so much information about information it is now wrapped up our own history. From the over saturation of technology to the harm it has caused by way of new terminology like ‘sexting’ this is not the world most of us grew up in.

I’m surprised they didn’t get Dr. Phil in on this since he has a lot to say about the way life has changed and how social media has affected relationships. Being connected through technology has, I believe, left us disconnected with the ability to hold conversations face to face.

Also featured are Adam Gazzaley, MD, Ph.D., Jonathan Gratch Ph.D., Mary Helen Immordino-Yang ED.D., Jacki Morie Ph.D., Duane Osterlind LMFT, CSAT, Eric R.W. Rice Ph.D., Larry Rosen Ph.D., Kenneth Woog Psy.D. with Daniel Chouinard and Chris J. Cacciacarne.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DSKNECTD three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This truly is a sight to watch all in one sitting because although we talk about how technology is either making or breaking society, it is in smaller conversation. This documentary puts it all out there will no holding back. In fact, it’s a don’t-forget-to-breath barrage of information!

Director White says of the film, “To say that DSKNECTD is thought provoking would be a massive understatement. Every person from the crew to early screeners have made comments to the effect that it has caused them to pause and reconsider their relationship with technology. DSKNECTD is universally accessible to anyone who has ever texted, used a Smartphone, played online videogames, Tweeted, Facebook “Liked” or been irritated by someone doing one of those things while trying to talk to them.”

In the end – are we connecting the human race or disconnecting it?



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