Coming to theatres this Friday for the whole family is director Dave Green and Relativity with EARTH TO ECHO.

This film tells the story of three young men who are the best of friends. There is Tuck (Brian Bradley), a young man with a penchant for his video camera and YouTube. Then there is Alex (Teo Halm), a young man who is a little quieter but is definitely himself with Tuck. Finally there is Munch (Reese Hartwig), the wide-eyed computer wizard of the group.

There carefree days of boyhood are numbered. Residents of the neighborhood have sold their homes to make room for a large freeway and the boys are devastated. However, there are still adventures to be had!

The boys discover that their cell phones have been ‘barfing’ as they call it. Crazy colorful patterns keep showing up on the screens. With the last night together looming, the boys decide to find out where it is coming from.

Staging an elaborate system to keep the parents at bay, Tuck, Alex and Munch head out to the middle of the desert and discover far more than they could ever have imagined. A bright eyed little creature they name Echo needs help and, along with Emma (Ella Wahlestedt), they are going to see he gets it.

There is only one problem – the ‘freeway’ construction crew wants their little friend but for selfish reasons. These four kids know the meaning of friendship and loyalty!

FINAL WORD: Bradley as Tuck is a very vivacious young man who is creative and funny. Being the sort of ‘leader’, he makes sure to catch everything on video. The good, bad and the outrageous.

Halm as Alex is immediately taken with Echo. He finds in this little creature a need to protect and comfort as only a young man in his situation would understand. He is such a soulful young man and the secret feelings he has finally find their voice – so to speak.

Hartwig as Munch is the kid who is afraid of everything. He wants to be part of the fun but is the first to run the other way if things get a little creepy. He reminds me a lot of Chunk from THE GOONIES minus the truffle shuffle.

Wahlestedt as Ella is a very pretty young lady who is coming of age. Getting a chance to be ‘one of the guys’ in an adventure appeals to her greatly. She is equally delighted by Echo and wants to protect him at all costs.

Other cast include: Mary Pat Gleason as Dusty, Valerie Wildman as Christine, Peter Mackenzie as James, Virginia Smith as Betty, Sonya Leslie as Theresa, Cassius Willis as Calvin, Jason Stanford as Dr. Madsen and Alga Smith as Marcus.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give EARTH TO ECHO three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is definitely geared toward the family and this weekend is a great time to go and see it together. There is silly humor, friendships, crushes, and doing what is right by a little being who doesn’t want to harm anyone.

Director Green says of the film, “It’s a story that looks kids directly in the eye and says ‘you can do anything you set your mind too!” A combination of E.T., THE GOONIES and BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED (yes, 80’s flicks folks!) with a dash of STAND BY ME – this film has something marvelous to offer everyone.

There isn’t a huge amount of special effects and it isn’t in 3D so that’s two good checks for the film! Also, it is filled with action, adventure and a little suspense waiting to see the very small and very cute blue eyed alien from the stars.

In the end – no one will believe their story!



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