Opening in theatres this Friday from director Daniel Espinosa, writer Jens Lapidus and Tre Vanner Produktion AB is a story of EASY MONEY.

This film tells the story of JW Westlund (Joel Kinnaman), a student who likes the good life but doesn’t exactly fit in with a family that expects success. Working as a taxi driver part time he also works with Serbian mafia doing jobs here and there.

That is until one day he is asked to follow Jorge (Matias Varela) and would be given a large sum. Agreeing to this he witnesses Jorge being beaten to a pulp and intervenes to save his life. This one gesture turns things around in a big way.

Abdulkarim (Mahmut Suvakci) hires JW to help him laundry money and drugs into the country. JW tells him how it can be done legally and is promised riches beyond his dreams. On the other end of town Radovan (Dejan Cukic) is ready to declare war on Abdulkarim for taking their business.

Radovan has his muscle Mrado (Dragomir Mrsic) get ready for war. Mrado normally does what he is told but recently his young daughter Lovisa (Lea Stojanov) has moved in with him.

JW is caught in the middle of so many twists and turns that he cannot see what is happening. Including that his relationship with Sophie (Lisa Henni) is suffering from the lies and the danger he has put them all in.

FINAL WORD: I admit right up front that I had to see the film based solely on Joel Kinnaman. He has become someone to watch since the recent success of his character Stephen Holder in AMC’s series THE KILLING. He also has a role in the film LOLA VERSUS so it seems 2011-12 is the beginning for this actor.

Kinnaman as JW is intense, twitchy, savvy and has a conscience that can be thought of as serving him well in many scenes. Yet in the next he becomes overly confident and misses the big picture. Kinnaman plays all of this extremely well and I wasn’t at all disappointed in his performance.

Varela as Jorge is such a dual personality. Wanting to take care of his family he is willing to risk his own life. There is one scene where he turns into the one thing he fears most. Jorge spends so much time lying that he no longer knows what the truth is with those he loves.

Mrsic as Mrado is another character that must come to terms with his own life. Once he takes his daughter to live with him thinking that his world and job won’t change. Watching Mrsic struggle was actually quite moving, yes I realize that that is odd when talking about muscle for the Serbian mafia!

Other cast include: Jones Danko as Fahdi, Miodrag Stojanovic as Nenad, Joel Spira as Nippe, Annika Whittembury as Paola, Fares Fares as Mahmoud, Hamdisa Causevic as Ratko and Sasa Petrovic as Stefanovic.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Easy Money” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Sweden is making a name for itself consistently producing some very good films and this is one of them. The story is an interesting telling and it is filmed beautifully. EASY MONEY is rough, raw and gritty and violent.

EASY MONEY is filled with intrigue, double crosses, twists and strings being pulled and all by director Espinosa. Well played sir, well played!

In the end – nothing good that can come from easy money!



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