Coming to DVD from ENTERTAINMENTONE, UWE BOLL and directors Luca Boni and Marco Ristori is a feeding frenzy of EATERS.

This film tells the story of Alen (Guglielmo Favilla) and Igor (Alex Lucchesi), two survivors of a plague that has taken all of the women and left zombies behind. Scientist Gyno (Claudio Marmugi) uses these zombie hunters to look for a cure that could save them.

What these hunters don’t know is that outside the walls of the lab are Neo-Nazi’s, an insane artist and a teenager Cristina (Elisa Ferretti), a young girl they save from the eaters. Through their journey Alen hopes to find the love of his life Alexia (Rosella Elmi) still alive.

What neither of them know is that what they are fighting for is in jeopardy and the cause is closer than they think!

FINAL WORD: In this post-apocalyptic world it is Favilla as Alen who seems to have the level head of everyone. Trying to do what is right and following his heart he does have momentary lapses but it always straightens itself out. Favilla is a character that is relatable because he makes mistakes.

Now, his side kick Luccehsi as Igor is something else. A hot head who’d rather shoot everything first and ask questions later he still longs for the opposite sex. More than a woman, Igor loves having something to smack around and between the Neo-Nazis and the zombies he certainly has his hands full.

Marmugi as Gyno is just a flat out freak! He creeped me out the moment I saw him on screen. No wonder Alexia played by Elmi was constantly looking behind her back although she had a few wrong steps of her own.

Ferretti as Cristina has one great scene but then kind of blends into the film being the token last woman on earth kind of thing. She’s flippant and mouthy but that may help in the post-no-woman-apocalyptic future she has for herself.

Other cast include: Riccardo Floris as Rudi, Fabiano Lioi as Fuhrer, Francesco Malcom as the guard, and Roberto Mariotti as Dott. Cangiato.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give EATERS three tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes, of course I love this film – anyone who knows me at all would not doubt that you put a zombie on the screen and I’m all for it. Yes, I would have appreciated a few more growling flesh eaters but I’m not disappointed.

This is a fun romp with craziness, one-liners, weird characters, twists and Italians getting into the act. Loved the song, love that the cinematography is grainy and gray, the zombies are pretty gnarly and eating themselves is pretty darn clever!

The film won the Orvieto Fantasy Horror Festival and was nominated by the Silver Raven for Best Directors Marco Ristori and Luca Boni.

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In the end – it’s feeding time!

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