Now on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the smash series that could only be considered an “Empire: The Complete Second Season.”

At the end of the first season, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) is going off to jail and as the second season starts Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is putting together a #FreeLucious concert. That is on the outside but what is happening inside is a takeover of Empire by Andre (Trai Byers), Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) and Anika (Grace Gealey) work with Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei).

As usual on Empire, there is a twist when Jamal drops a bomb on them all leaving Cookie no other choice than to gather up her troops and start Lyon Dynasty. Hakeem gets steamy over his singer Valentina (Becky G) and doesn’t go through Empire to release his new album.

Lucious has his own problems with prison guards and trying to record in prison. The good news is he finally gets a bail hearing and prosecuting attorney Roxanne (Tyra Ferrell) is less than thrilled. Lucious is out on bail but can’t go near Empire and his family doesn’t want him around either. So what’s a man to do?

Anger his family further of course! Lucious buys Apex Radio and signs Hakeem’s love to a deal with Empire. But Roxanne isn’t anywhere near done with Lucious having the FBI raid Empire and Lyon Dynasty. She also goes after Cookie!

When Vernon is found dead, Lucious is freed and heads right back to Empire. His lawyer wants the master tapes from Cookie but she isn’t about to let them out of her sight. That’s when Hakeem is kidnapped for ransom and crazy cookie thinks she needs the kidnappers as security but it’s more like she needs one of them, Laz (Adam Rodriguez), in her bed!

After family complications turn into a battle, Freda (Bre-Z) and Hakeem go head to head with Empire vs. Dynasty. If family matters aren’t complicated enough, Candace (Vivica A. Fox) turns up because she can’t find their sister Carol (Tasha Smith). Of course the only way is to hit the streets of Philadelphia.

Lucious is using his new freedom fast and furious trying to get into the streaming business, getting Hakeem to return to empire and get Cookie to sign over song rights. When none of this pans out, things begin to heat up when Mimi tries a little takeover of her own and Hakeem finally gets a little daddy-payback.

Cookie goes after Hakeem but all is put on hold when Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) has an accident and the family rushes to the hospital to be with her and Andre. The emotions bring the family together to go after Mimi and Camilla (Naomi Campbell) with a vengeance. Rhonda spies on Camilla, Hakeem gets the information they need on tape but the number one rule around the Lyons Den should be ‘never drink what is given’!

The season finale is where the burning questions of Lucious’ past come out, what really happened to Rhonda on the stairs, the feds are back in the picture again because of Tommy and Rosy, Hakeem and Laura are working toward their wedding day, Anika has lost her ever lovin’ mind on a ledge, devastation is on the horizon, weddings are never what you think and Lucious’ Mom decides now is a good a time as any to drop a family bombshell with more people on a ledge (and I think I was one of them!)

So another story finale that will have “Empire” fans waiting to discover who was it screaming?

Howard as Lucious Lyon makes his character look like a cake walk. From the moment he is on screen it is clear that this particular Lyon has claws that would make a jungle cat hide in shame. He is ruthless and at the same time totally and absolutely shameless in every move he makes. Not even prison scares this guy!

Henson as Cookie is the female version of Lucious which is probably why they can’t stand each other. No one likes looking in the mirror! The one thing that Cookie has that Lucious doesn’t is a fierceness to family, even when family is driving her absolutely to the brink of insanity. Henson has the right eyebrows to put the fear of the universe in anyone she is standing in front of.

Gray as Hakeem has scores to settle but mainly with his father, Smollett as Jamal always has me suspicious, Byers as Andre continues to deal with his own personal issues and when Doubleday as Rhonda has her emergency – these two come together.

Tomei as Mimi is just one smiley face back stabbing individual and Campbell as Camilla, Mimi’s other has a game of her own that is a little twisted and unbelievable. Rodriguez as Laz is a man playing a seriously dangerous game. I mean seriously, a kidnapper who sleeps with the mother of his victim? That’s something Lucious could appreciate if it wasn’t his son!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is amazing to once again bring just what fans want for their home library. Continually bringing new entertainment content for everyone’s media library, their format includes DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. To discover more of what they have to offer please visit

“Empire” special Features 53 minutes of extras including Empire Around the Globe: USO Tour, Freda Gatz Music Video, Studio Sessions – Heavy, Never Love Again, Born to Lose, Do Something With It, Sorry Just Don’t Cut It and Supernatural, The Look of Empire – How to Recreate Empire’s Leviticus, How to Recreate Lucious’ Office, How to Recreate Lucious’ Living Room, Discovering the Art on Empire, Uncut Music Performances – Runnin’, You Broke Love, Heavy and Miracles.

The DVD includes the episodes The Devils Are Here, Without a Country, Fires of Heaven, Poor Yorick, Be True, A High Hope for a Low Heaven, True Love Never, My Bad Parts, Sinned Against, Et Tu Brute?, Death Will Have His Day, A Rose by Any Other Name, The Tameness of a Wolf, Time Shall Unfold, More Than Kin, The Lyon Who Cried Wolf, Rise by Sin and Past is Prologue.

The series has taken off like a rocket for fans who are reeled in by the family drama, the intrigue, backstabbing, in fighting, power struggle, all wrapped up in music. This family is absolutely larger than life because they don’t come to play in the usual way.

FOX is gearing up for a seriously outrageous third season on September 21st so spend a little time family time with the Lyons catching up with “Empire: The Complete Second Season” on DVD now.

In the end — this is no ordinary Lyon’s Den!



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