Coming to DVD is the family that takes music and drama to another level as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment brings it all together atop an “Empire: The Complete Third Season.”

Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) has left the altar and a fight between Anika (Grace Byers) and Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) will lead to a life and a death. Empire-X-Steam is Lucious’ (Terrence Howard) creation but it’s causing problems within the family and the feds aren’t far behind. Knowing it’s time for a sit down to work out issues, a Lyons dinner is in order.

Jamal (Jussie Smollett) has decided to work toward a campaign for gun violence awareness with Councilman Angelo Dubois (Taye Diggs). Nessa Parker (Sierra A. McClain), a new talent, works with Hakeem on music while Lucious knows he must find a working peace with Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).

Cookie is busy trying to get Jamal back to performing by pairing him up with Kitty (Mariah Carey). When Andre (Trai Byers) is falsely accused of charges, he believes it is due to racial profiling by the police but Tariq (Morocco Omari) uses this as a way to cause Andre to turn. Lucious is once again trying to get Empire but Cookie lets him know that he is all but declaring war.

Lucious gets Shyne (Xzibit) on a deal and sees Angelo as someone who can get in the way of his plans. He also lets Hakeem know that Andre is feeling some kind of way for Nessa and uses that to boost his sales with Empire-X. That all might be a mute point when it is discovered that the family is about to blow when Empire is hacked.

Cookie wants to make a good impression with Diana by having a family dinner and Lucious isn’t happy about anything that has to do with Angelo. Cookie and Lucious have done a good job teaching back handedness in the family when Jamal presents Cookie with a home video that just isn’t cool.

During Helene Von Wyeth’s (Gina Gershon) brings a big fashion event that gets Nessa time in the spotlight, Andre causes problems. Lucious better watch his back as Tariq enlists the help of Leah after making a deal with the feds. Cookie keeps busy with the concert to help Andre become mayor when she really should have been keeping an eye on Empire as the FBI freezes their assets.

Between the FBI and the ex’s feuding, Andre and Shyne are planning something worse for Lucious. An even bigger shocker is who is actually after Lucious in an underhanded way. Cookie has a moment with Lucious and now begins to question her relationship with Angelo.

The family dynamic shifts and the power struggle takes a threatening turn between Empire and X-Stream. The secret between Lucious and Guilana (Nia Long) comes out giving Cookie a reason to glare in that way only she can. When her son is in the emotional crossfire, Diana (Phylicia Rashad) plans her own destruction for the Lyon family. The expansion into Las Vegas is giving everyone an in to cause problems beginning with Angelo and his mother. Lucious, Jamal and Cookie actually have a moment where they see eye to eye about the future of their business until an unexpected agency knocks on their door.

In the middle of family struggles with Bella, it is clear that the DuBois and Lyons are going for the jugular. While trying to discover how all of this has happened, they are shocked with what Diana reveals to them.

The Laviticus Casino opens but there is still the issue of Bella that needs to be taken care of. Cookie is thrown out of the club after causing her normal ruckus and she is on the rampage to bring Lucious big problems. Wanting Jamal to launch is album; she learns that he has done something unexpected. Tariq discovers what the DuBois have done but Leah (Leslie Uggams) stops him from telling anyone else.

It all comes to an even bigger head when Lucious believes he has control of Leah and Cookie doesn’t trust Guliana for one second. The DuBois aren’t even close to being finished with their plans for the Lyon family when Shine turns Empire on its head!

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The special features include “Uncut Music Performances” and “Studio Sessions” that shouldn’t be missed and prepare for the fourth season of “Empire” that is coming soon on Fox!

“Empire: The Complete Third Season” is an even more complex season than ever before. Mixing the family drama with outstanding music is what keeps this series high on the list of television watching. Of course Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson bring so much tension and down right shocking twists and turns that I watch just to see what these two characters are going to do next.

Now with the DuBois putting their proverbial hats into the ring to become the next twisted family on the block, I think this season had my jaw dropping harder and more often than the first two seasons.

So, before season four begins, it is time to revisit “Empire: The Complete Third Season” because this family doesn’t miss a trick!

In the end – it is their reign and their rules!




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