This week on Bluray from director/writer Shana Feste and Universal Studios Home Entertainment is a coming of age when there is ENDLESS LOVE.

This film tells the story of David (Alex Pettyfer), a young man graduating high school who has a crush on Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) the entire time. After a chance meeting, Jade invites him to a graduation party.

When he gets there it is clear that Jade has been sheltered by her father Hugh (Bruce Greenwood). But that doesn’t stop David from falling in love with Jade. Even her mother Anne (Joely Richardson) sees what is happening between them.

Hugh isn’t as keen on David. He sees the young man as a distraction to the goals he has set for Jade, and that’s going to college and training in medicine. Pushing son Keith (Rhys Wakefield) has started to put a strain on the entire family.

David works with his father Harry (Robert Patrick) as a mechanic and has no plans for college. Of course Hugh has a problem with that two and digs into David’s past. Looking for anyway possible to break them up – David and Jade push back and spend every waking moment together.

That is until they are pushed apart by a father’s own issues and the memories of a lost son.

FINAL WORD: Pettyfer as David plays a young man from the ‘wrong’ side of the tracks. Translated it means he doesn’t have a chance when a crazy father is involved. Pettyfer is charming, sweet and disarming trying to hang on to a love he believes it everything in life.

Wilde as Jade is a girl who has been sheltered her entire life. Once tasting the real world she wants more and more. David understands the girl that she is and does what it takes to make her happy. She is a girl turning into a woman and finding her own voice and Wilde gives is a good performance.

Patrick as Harry is just a Dad who wants the best for his son. His role isn’t a big one but it is supportive of his son. Richardson as Anne is a woman who sees the changes in her family and also sees her daughter come to life.

Greenwood as Hugh is a man that seems to be the only one with a ton of issues. Trying to control his daughter, putting pressure on his son, ignoring his wife, trying to rid himself of a boyfriend is exhausting. There are moments when Greenwood is over acting to my way of thinking. He is a good actor and I’ve admired his work for years – but this one was a little creepy.

Other cast include: Dayo Okeniyi as Mace, Emma Rigby as Jenny, Anna Enger as Sabine, and Fabianne Therese as Checka.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ENDLESS LOVE three tubs of popcorn. This is a coming of age between two shy teens that have a connection. Yes, it has it has sappy moments but the story works. It is a sweet love story. There isn’t a ton of nudity or language which actually gives the film good points.

The Bluray also includes a DVD and Digital HD which features the watch-it-anywhere capabilities to stream from digital devices. Also on the bluray is extended ending, deleted, extended and alternate scenes with a bonus feature of The Making of Endless Love.

In the end – say goodbye to innocence!



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