When looking for a film with a little edge seek out director Youssef Delara, director/writer Victor Teran and Amplify’s offering when you ENTER THE DANGEROUS MIND in theatres and On Demand.

This film tells the story of Jim (Jake Hoffman), a young man who is amazing with computers and shy to the bone! He is also a dubstep musician with a past that has caused him psychological issues.

It doesn’t help that his roommate Jake (Thomas Dekker) goes out of his way to make Jim feel worse about himself than he already does. But that’s all about to change when Jim meets Wendy (Nikki Reed), a woman who loves what Jim can do with music.

One date ends prematurely and Jim feels as if she will ridicule him and the moments of coolness will be taken away. Of course Jake has no problem jumping straight on the incident putting even more pressure on Jim, so much pressure that a darkness begins to emerge.

It is a path he can not control.

FINAL WORD: Hoffman as Jim is the perfect actor to play this role. He looks like the average guy but at the same time pulls of the insecure young man with more going on than meets the eye. It was not difficult at all to join the Jim-train and go for a ride that speeds up quickly right into a brick wall! Very well done.

Reed as Wendy attempts to give Jim the encouragement to come out of his shell and rock in the club. As Wendy she takes the step toward a relationship with Jim that could have been great for them both, if it weren’t for Jake. I just love how Reed takes roles that are so different than her last. She definitely hasn’t allowed herself to be stereotyped and, it has to be said, I liked her in the TWILIGHT sagas.

Other cast include: Scott Bakula as Kevin, Gina Rodriguez as Adrienne, Noel Gugliemi as Det. Salinas, Joe Egender as Steve, Melanie Hawkins as Deborah, Jenn Liu as Amy, Jessica Brown as Cate and Jason Priestley as Dr. Dubrow.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ENTER THE DANGEROUS MIND three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. It is such an interesting mix of psychology, a touch of terror, music filled with turmoil and a subculture that almost all differences – almost.

Adding the word creepy is also warranted but oddly at the same time feeling sorry for Jim I was torn. There is a moment as a viewer you want to reach in and grab Jim shaking him by the shoulders and quickly realizing that it wouldn’t help. In that defeat is when the ride takes a twist and you have to see it through to the very end.

The music is banging and it is easy to get caught up in the beat. ENTER THE DANGEROUS MIND’s world premier was at the South x Southwest Film Festival.

Both directors Delara and Teran have this to say about their film, “It’s a scary film about people who are afraid of real life and the rejection, failure and abandonment.” And what influenced the film? “Our influence was films like TAXI DRIVER and THE SHINING because of the seamless way the film’s protagonist evolves.”

In the end – it is a dark thriller from beginning to end!



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