Bringing in the fall with a laugh on September 10th at 10 pm et/pt, 9 central as part of the EPIX Free Preview Weekend Sept.r 10-13 is the best of funny with “Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest!”

After a nine-year run on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, this very witty and charming entertainer took to the comedy circuit and sold out theatres everywhere. From New York City’s Carnegie Hall as well as Radio City Music Hall, it seems only natural that his second special is pure entertainment.

It is easy to see why audiences go nuts when he enters a room. His relaxed attitude toward life is mix-mastered in with his own quipps, opinions and even when he has the momentary giggles.

“I think it’s important to be honest in a comedy special, but, then again, I’m a 30 year old comic who weights 170 lbs. and is not aroused by the smell of damp wool, so what do I know?” says Ferguson of himself.

This Scottish born writer, author, actor, director and voice artist, oh wait you didn’t know that? Well let me enlighten you – Ferguson is the voice of Gobber in the hit films HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (1 & 2 along with three shorts) most recently. Maybe you’ve heard of a little animated film called BRAVE as Ferguson voices Lord Macintosh but then I would think that was a no brainer!

From 1998 until recently Ferguson was seen everywhere on television and nothing was off limits. From Life as we Know it to his current hilarious show Celebrity Name Game, he has the unique ability to reach in and grab our collective funny bones.

He has also won awards from the US Comedy Arts Festival for I’ll Be There, a Peabody Award for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host for Celebrity Name Game. That latter which I consider to be a great laugh in my day!

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I absolutely adore Ferguson and have his entire nine year run late night. In 2014 Ferguson stepped onto the Hall H Comic Con stage and cracked us up (all 7,000 of us) with his wit and charm hosting several panels.

There is a naughtiness about him (Can one say that about someone over the age of 10? Ah, no matter, it applies!) that is endearing and gives the audience permission to laugh at said naughtiness. Personally I could listen to him talk all day with that lovely accent that has a melody to it with each joke delivery.

The one thing viewers will have to do it keep up with him! He changes subjects ridiculously fast with everything from religion to his time spent with Mick Jagger to ending up with Kenny G. Nothing is sacred and everything is open for discussion – well at least open for laughs the way only Ferguson can deliver.

Filmed at Town Hall in New York City, you can also join in the fun on Twitter with #JustBeingHonest. For more on the special please visit

In the end — he brings meaning to meaninglessness!



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