Coming to DVD from director Roar Uthaug, writer Thomas Moldestad and EntertainmentOne comes the human hunt that leads to ESCAPE.

This film tells the story of Signe (Isabel Christine Andreasen), a young girl living in 1363 after The Black Plague. Traveling with her parents they are unexpectedly attacked and the family viciously killed. What surprises her the most is that the band of murders is led by Dagmar (Ingrid Bolso Berdal), a striking blonde with blue eyes that stare the look of evil.

Taken back to the camp, Signe is surrounded by a band of men including Grim (Kristian Espedal), Harald (Hallvard Holmen), and Loke (Bjorn Moan). Tied to a tree she realizes that this is no ordinary situation.

She sees the small girl Frigg (Milla Olin) and is subjected to humiliation by Dagmar. Then Signe is told she is to bear Frigg a sibling since the blue-eyed leader is unable. There is only one way out of this – escape!

Along with Frigg, these two girls run for their very lives with Dagmar and the gang of ruthless men until it becomes clear what has to be done.

FINAL WORD: Andreasen as Signe is a strong character. Yes, there is definite fear in what is to happen but she manages to control that to escape. I enjoyed watching Signe learn to survive having been separated from her parents and not knowing much of the real world. This character grows right on screen but in ways that are stunning.

Olin as Frigg is beautiful with eyes that are filled with so much knowledge. Her performance requires her to be standoffish out of fear that giving her love will only lead to her death. Olin does an amazing job and there is talent in that little person!

Berdal as Dagmar is amazing! As the story unfolds her motives become clear yet even in her moments of being ‘human’ it is clear she can change at the drop of a hat. Kudos to Berdal for having the talent to play this role in such a way that sympathy and cruelty can go hand in hand. Without spoiling it trust me on this!

Other cast include: Iren Reppen as Synnove, Eirik Holden Rotheim as Tormod, Hans Jacob Sand as Trygve, Tobias Santelmann as Arvid, Richard Skog as Skjalg, and Martin Slaato as Brynjar.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ESCAPE three tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly enjoyed the storyline and found it totally believable in the history of that era. This film has a strong female undertone of both good and evil that is so well presented. The story is a tad heavy but then again its not like the times were all fun and games.

The cast is perfect and brings the emotions a story like this needs. Using the woods and mountains of Norway give the film an authentic feel of the time. Having seen films like HANNA and VALHALLA RISING this has the same feel and is brought about by the creators of THE COLD PREY TRILOGY.

The Blu-ray includes visual effects featurette and deleted scenes. To see what else EntertainmentOne has to offer go quickly to

In the end – strength can come from the most unexpected places!

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