Coming to REELZ CHANNEL for two nights April 12th and 13th is a mini series that takes us deep into the world of science with EVE OF DESTRUCTION.

This film tells the story of the Proteus Company working with scientists to create a new form of energy with the Proteus Accelerator. Dr. Karl Dameron (Steven Webb) and Dr. Rachel Bannister (Christina Cox) are the company’s two lead scientists on the project.

There theory is to drill a hole in the universe to bring up a limitless pool of dark energy that will power the world forever. What Dr. Dameron doesn’t know is that this project has a history.

In a small Russian town ten years earlier Ruslan (Aleks Paunovic) experience a trauma he just can’t get past. After receiving a telephone call from scientists in Russia to make a repair on a line, Ruslan sees lights in the sky that destroy the town along with his wife and children.

Now, living in America he sees it happening again. He tries to warn the scientists and anyone who will listen that the dark energy is exactly that! Dark enough to destroy without consideration of anyone. Knowing this, CEO Max Salinger (Treat Williams) is pushing hard and has an insider Calla (Katharine Isabelle) to keep his interests in check.

Dr. Dameron’s daughter Ruby (Jessica McLeod) is frustrated with her father spending all his time dealing with the Proteus project. Looking for something in her life she finds Madhatter (Eli Goree), a young man who is with a band of eco-terrorists who want to stop Proteus. She begins to hang out with the group and wants to be part of what they are doing.

Now, the Proteus Accelerator is close to going online and unless everyone comes together to realize not everything is as it should be the world will change forever!

FINAL WORD: Webb as Dr. Dameron puts in a solid performance. It is wonderful to see him again taking a role that requires a hard line look at the duality of being a scientist and a human being as well. Cox as Dr. Bannister is the hard headed one of the duo. Even when Webber’s character confronts her with the possibility that something’s wrong, she holds out until the end.

Paunovic as Ruslan is definitely the man to watch in this film. What a horrible way to lose a family and that seeps into his remarriage to Jenna (Jennifer Kitchen). He won’t tell her the reason for his pain and anguish yet that doesn’t stop him from trying to do the right thing. Nicely done Paunovic!

McLeod as Ruby is the typical teenage daughter who wants to get back at dad for her own unhappiness. Adding Goree to the mix is nice as both of the teens must come to terms with the idea of doing good for humanity, the costs and weighing all of it when its decision time.

Williams as Salinger is the typical slimy CEO of a money grubbing company that has no interest in anything other than the dollar. I’ve seen Williams through the years play many roles but there is something saucy when he plays slimy that I kind of like. Isabelle as Calla, we have decided, has no heart whatsoever (not the actress, her character – I mean we aren’t that crazy!). Doing this kind of role can be fun to our way of thinking and Calla runs with it.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give EVE OF DESTRUCTION three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes, there is a little camp here and there but nothing we don’t see in big Hollywood productions. The special affects are well done and the cast does it up right. This is what staying at home with a tub of popcorn with the family on a Friday night is all about and this is the mini series to do it with.

STARZ CHANNEL continues to bring winner after winner in programming. I have really come to look forward to seeing what they come up with. From BOMB GIRLS, to XIII to the recent miniseries BARABBAS, STARZ has it going on.

See Part 1 of EVE OF DESTRUCTION on April 12th at 8 p.m. (ET) and Part 2 on April 13th at 8 p.m. (ET).

In the end – there are consequences and Mother Nature is watching!

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