This week On Demand and in theatres February 27th from Radius, The Weinstein Company and director Joe Lynch is the action thriller in the form of EVERLY.

Everly (Salma Hayek) is a woman who is in more trouble than anyone could possibly imagine. In an apartment building, being held against her will the maniacs keeps coming courtesy of her ex who just happens to be a mob boss. Everly is keenly aware that she will not be leaving alive.

Threatening Everly’s mother and daughter, she must find a way to help them escape but the assassin’s keep on coming. As the price of the hit goes out, everyone coming in the door has a gun pointed in her direction.

Stuck in the apartment with Everly is Dead Man (Akie Kotabe), shot in the crossfire and unable to move off the lovely silk sofa. Irritated with him at first, she seems to find a soft spot as he tries to help her. When her mother and daughter arrive the game gets even deadlier as specialist come into the picture and they all have a specialty.

What is unleashed should frighten them all.

FINAL WORD: Hayek as Everly is pretty badass in her leopard high heels taking one hit-person (is that being politically correct?) at a time. There are moments of sweetness with her daughter but it is short lived which happens when crazy people are out to get you. Once the action kicks in she’s fast and clever as the stakes get higher and higher.

Hayek is one amazingly hot lady who has no problem taking a bullet or a rocket launcher for that matter. Looking absolutely stunning at 49-years of age I just love watching her keep up with everything this film throws at her – and there isn’t much that isn’t thrown at her!

Director Lynch has expanded out a little into this action genre. His previous works include the 2007 WRONG TURN 2: Dead End as well as a personal favorite CHILLERAMA in 2011. It seems he’s decided to go all out with EVERLY mixing action and martial arts with a character that can take a hit.

Speaking about the film, Lynch says, “This film is everything I love about movies. Everly is a strong female character. We wanted to take her on an emotional journey. There is something about watching a person go through the most inescapable situation. Salma came along and brought heart and humanity to the role. I don’t know how we’d have been able to do this film without her.”

When asked about the filming he says, “The camera never leaves the room. If there is a conversation in the other room it’s through a bullet hole. You are trapped in the film with Selma. There is no going downstairs but the cops and Yakuza are coming up. You want to keep the audience engaged and boy do we throw stuff in there to keep them engaged!”

Other cast includes: Jennifer Blanc as Dena, Caroline Chikezie as Zelda, Gabriella Wright as Anna, Jelena Gavrilovic as Elyse, Dragana Atlija as Lizzy, Laura Cepeda as Edith, Masashi Fujimoto as Masochist, Togo Igawa as Sadist and Hiroyuki Watanabe as Taiko.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give EVERLY three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Seriously, every person that comes in the door in this film has weaponry issues. Mixed in with the serious action is humor that is jaw dropping followed quickly by ‘wtf?’ The jazz touch of Christmas music is a tad eerie for the holidays. There aren’t many chances to catch your breath with guns, swords, battery acid just to name a few weapons of choice.

At Comic Con International this past year we asked Hayek about playing EVERLY, “She wins, definitely! Everly starts from a really weak place. She is a broken woman taken as a slave who becomes a fierce, indestructible force. It’s the story of a mother stuck in a bad situation thinking she can’t get out of it. Different people are going to get different things out of this film. I think that is what is cool about this film”.

This film isn’t for the squeamish by any stretch. It is pretty raw in many scenes and I mean raw in every sense of the word. Please, heed me when I say this isn’t at all a film for kids so keep that in mind. Lynch gives fans a woman out to beat the police, a cartel, assassins and the Yakuza!

In the end – get out or die trying!



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