Opening in selected theatres and On Demand this Friday from director Eduardo Sanchez and Lionsgate is a weekend that Exists.

In the middle of Texas, friends take a trip to get away during the summer. Off to the cabin are Dora (Dora Burge), Elizabeth (Denise Williamson), Matt (Samuel Davis), Todd (Roger Edwards) and Brian (Chris Osborn) and on the way their car hits something.

Finding nothing but a dented finder they arrive at the cabin. Right away it becomes obvious that there is something in the woods that is watching them. Trying to discover what is happening it becomes all to clear that they are being hunted one by one.

They must fight to survive an angry legend!

FINAL WORD: Burge as Dora is a feisty gal who just wants to figure out what is happening. Williamson as Elizabeth isn’t as easy to sway into fighting but instead finding a way out.

Davis as Matt begins to understand what is happening and who is responsible. Osborn as Brian just wants to get out of there. Edwards as Todd doesn’t take any garbage from the group or a big hairy Sasquatch!

Let us not forget to give credit to Brian Steele as Sasquatch!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give Exists three tubs of popcorn out of five. Yep, this is what happens when a group of giddy young people go off into the woods. I wish they’d stop going off into the woods! I have to admit though that at least they gave Sasquatch a run for his money on several occasions. They definitely get brownie points for that!

The camera action has some twists to it that I liked with the ‘found footage’ genre in play. There are some twists on the Big Foot legend that go in a different direction. I have to say it was enjoyable playing ‘where’s bigfoot’ in that he actually shows up in a big way. This isn’t rocket science but it sure is fun for the Halloween season of frights!

In the end – a force of nature is unleashed!



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