Coming to theaters this Friday from director Miguel Angel Vivas and Vertical Entertainment comes the time after “Extinction.”

It has been nine years since the world was taken over by a virus that has almost obliterated humanity. The creatures are always near waiting to find survivors. In the town of Harmony, a house is well set up is Jack (Jeffrey Donovan) and his nine-year-old daughter Lu (Quinn McColgan).

Across the way from their home is Patrick (Matthew Fox), a man who is barely surviving but more from his emotions than the creatures. Losing wife Emma (Valeria Vereau) keeps playing out in his head. It seemed the creatures had gone is the snow covered town as both live their own lives. But there is a secret looming between the men.

When Patrick helps save Lu from one of the creatures, the young girl befriends him. Jack isn’t happen but realizes that where there is one creature, there will be more and he needs help. Deciding to ban together, they are surprised when they find a woman alive (Clara Lago).

It will all come down to protecting the one thing they both love!

Donovan as Jack is a protective father who keeps Lu indoors at all costs. He is stern and forgotten much about the joys in life. That tends to happen when the worry of creatures that eat you get in the way. That being said, this character is also strong because he has no other choice. Donovan has been known for so many types of roles but he proves his ability to do every one of them well.

McColgan as Lu is a young girl who isn’t so easily entertained anymore. There are very few toys, books or anything else would help inquisitive 9-year-old. Trying to get further than the front fence is a constant struggle as her father has his eye on her. It isn’t until she meets Patrick that she sees hope for something more — and little does she know what that more actually is.

Fox as Patrick is a man tortured by the events before the past nine years of living in solitude. A mixture of cabin fever and a lack of will for anything more, it is surprising this character has lasted so long. Perhaps it’s his setting up protections and listening to the ham radio that has kept him grounded, or perhaps the little face of Lu he sees from time to time. Fox does a stellar job either way and his performance kept me watching till the very end.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Extinction” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this creepy film and it’s rather nasty looking creatures. Although the creatures are a point in the film they are not the main point which I enjoyed. The story is about the reaction of human beings when their survival is under attack. Feelings are brought to the surface that had remained stifled for many years, stifled but not so easily forgotten.

The give and take of Donovan and Fox is so well done, even after a secret is revealed. McColgan is so lovely as a young girl trying to find more in a world that doesn’t look like it has much more to give.

I have to say the cinematography is unbelievable and a part of the film entirely. I absolutely love the flickering of light and dark as the camera pans so amazingly well to add depth to the story.

In the end — they are the last!



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