On VOD from IFC Midnight comes a treat for the spooky season from director Colin Minihan and the arrival of EXTRATERRESTRIAL.

This film tells the story of April (Brittany Allen), Kyle (Freddie Stroma), Melanie (Melanie Papalia), Seth (Jesse Moss), Lex (Anja Savcic). This group of young people are off to spend time at a family cabin. April also finds that neighbor Travis (Michael Ironside) is growing some healthy plants.

There only one night when a large object crashes to earth. That’s just the first shock when they discover it is an alien ship with odd shape footprints leading away from the crash – but to where? As things begin to get out of control Sheriff Murphy (Gil Bellows) knows that there are strange things happening in his town.

That’s when the red lights begin to appear and the large grey creatures try to take them up to the ship hovering above the cabin. When Travis tells April and Kyle that he knows about the aliens, the attacks come faster.

Inside the ship the April, Kyle and Seth see the horrors their captors bring!

FINAL WORD: The younger cast works fairly well together and, without being insulting, that’s to be expected for kids in the woods. Allen as April is the front runner friend who feels responsible for everyone. Bellows as Sheriff Murphy takes one for the team, so to speak and it’s good to see him back on film. Ironside gets the chance to be a little off his rocker in a Woody Harrelson 2012 kind of way.

This is definitely a film filled with twists and turns. Starting out with a what-the-heck opening scene I had a feeling things were not going to be filled with touchy feely alien hugs in this film.

Instead the film is fun, filled with recognizable antics from both humans and aliens alike. The special effects were actually quite good and had me not blinking at all. The aliens were very well done but I have to say they were very brutal to say the very least. I’m trying to remember the last film I saw where aliens were so hostile in such a brute way – can’t think of one.

Other cast include: Sean Rogerson as Deputy Mitchell, Emily Perkins as Nancy, Mike Kovac as the Clerk, Fred Keating as Mike

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give EXTRATERRESTRIAL three tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes this does remind me a little of FIRE IN THE SKY but that doesn’t bother me. If anything I see it as homage. It has a few MATRIX belly button bugs and a few other choice gadgets that I’d rather you just see for yourself. Sure there is a little X-FILES in there to boot and a touch of the alien shows on the Sci-Fi channels on late night television.

This is the kind of alien film most touch on but EXTRATERRESTRIAL goes a little further taking scary images most people have already and bring them to full color. Yea, the gray guys are wicked!

In the end – this isn’t a visit from E.T.!



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