Opening in theatres this week from director Stephen Daldry and Paramount Pictures comes a tale of love with “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”.

This film tells the story of Oskar Shell (Thomas Horn), an inquisitive young boy who constantly searches for the next adventure. Along with his father, Thomas (Tom Hanks), Oskar was constantly questioning and seeking answers about life.

Then, September 11th changed the young boy’s life as his father was in one of the towers that collapsed. Turning away from his mother, Linda (Sandra Bullock), Oskar stumbles upon a key. He begins a new adventure feeling guided by his father to seek out what the key opens.

Oskar will encounter a world that shares his pain and sadness as he goes from person to person seeking out his father – and his own redemption.

FINAL WORD: Horn is interesting as Oskar. The viewer is never quite sure how the young boy is going to react. His character is unpredictable and it does make it difficult to follow his thought process. There are genius moments to be sure.

Hanks is, well, Hanks. It is quite easy to see him as a father who encourages his son to be open to all. It was equally difficult to hear his voice on the answering machine (spoiler alert) filled with such panic, such love, and such acceptance of his fate. Yes, only Tom Hanks can bring a tear without even being on the screen.

Bullock is absolutely lovely as Oskar’s mother Linda. Once again she turns in a performance that is nothing like what we would expect. Oskar sees her as distant and uncaring of his plight. Bullock shows her motherly side and does it with such ease and believability.

Davis and Wright also turn in stunning performances as a couple that have their own scars. Davis’ character along side of Oskar’s is beautiful.

Von Sydow has always been a favorite actor of mine. When he speaks – I listen. It’s a voice of reason and authority. Some actors have it and Von Sydow is definitely one of them. His character of The Renter is one of forgiveness – very moving.

Other cast include: Zoe Caldwell as Grandmother, John Goodman as Stan the Doorman, Lorna Purce as the Locksmith, Viola Davis as Abby Black, Jeffrey Wright as William Black, Max von Sydow as The Renter.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” four tubs of popcorn out of five. It is a story that covers such a wide range of emotions. Although the main story is about a boy searching for some semblance of his father, there are other stories being told by the survivors of America’s saddest days in history.

The cinematography takes us around the city of New York and into the lives of so many. It is beautiful, moving and simply a straightforward film that doesn’t shy away from the emotions.

In the end – we all have a key that unlocks our life.

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