Coming to DVD from director Katherine Brooks and Wolfe Video comes an extraordinary look at a journey to a surprising place with FACE2FACE.

This documentary tells the story of filmmaker Katherine Brooks. Making her way to Hollywood at a tender young age she would soon come to be the television director and producer of THE OSBOURNES and THE REAL WORLD: San Diego for MTV. Also, Brooks put together her own pieces of work with LOVING ANNABELLE and short films DEAR EMILY and FINDING KATE.

Then, during a difficult period in her life, Katherine made a life changing decision. While spending to much time on Facebook she was led to do something unheard of. Katherine posted a comment on Facebook saying the first 50 people who responded to the post would get a visit from Katherine herself.

Quickly 50 people responded as Katherine loaded up her car and took to the road. What would happen is a journey of the heart, the mind, the soul and spirit – but for whom? Going to look at the lives of others she gets a bigger surprise than she could have ever imagined.

FINAL WORD: Brooks has taken doing a documentary to a whole new level. It is a question I’m certain everyone who is on Facebook has asked themselves at one time or another. Hitting the road to see life from the “friends” perspective is an idea encourage – if we were all able that is.

Brooks allows the camera to see her pain, past; experiences and realizations with not very much held back that I can see. There are gritty moments, very sad moments and equally funny moments. Each encounter leads her to a place we all need to go eventually and that is back to self. Sometimes we need to chase our own tails in order to get exhausted enough to feel and hear what the world is really saying to us.

I appreciated her honestly regarding the difficulties of depression; the ease of getting medicated yet the urge to want to deal with life as a whole person. It is within each of us to take the journey but only some dare to take on a past that may hurt once again. She does so with an open perspective and discovers that fear definitely can be a mind killer!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give Face2Face four tubs of popcorn out of five. Taking the time to watch her journey is a lesson for the viewer. There are so many issues that Brooks faces that although very personal to her (as they should be) strike a cord with others who aren’t sure of their own place in the world.

Brooks discovers worth through human contact and a connection that doesn’t require a USB port or wi-fi! Seeing death up close and gratitude for every day is a yin-yang she needed to find perspective and answer her own questions. Well-done Ms. Brooks!

In the end – how can you have 5,000 friends on Facebook and still feel alone?

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