By Lisa Nixon Phillips

The deployment of a family member can be a very emotional and difficult time for many families. Whether it’s twelve weeks or twelve months, identifying resources and educating service members and their families is vital in helping the stressful and nerve-wracking transition.

From emotional support to financial readiness, military personnel and their families are equipped for the possible ‘what if’s’ to ensure they are able to cope throughout this challenging time. However, spiritual readiness is one component that rarely makes it on the check-off list.

Lisa Nixon Phillips, author of the new book, Faith Steps for Military Families: Spiritual Readiness through the Psalms of Ascent, vindicates the need for inviting God throughout the unique journey in order to face the immense challenges of the military lifestyle. Packed full of rich and descriptive metaphors that reveal insight and meaning to the ancient Israelite’s culture and plight, Faith Steps for Military Families explores the fifteen themes found in Psalms 120-134 and translates these relevant matters into the lives of twenty-first century military families who encounter many of the same concerns.

“During the long months of deployment, life can get hard, lonely and bittersweet, especially if there’s no other family around,” says Phillips. “My book explains the need for spiritual strength if we want to do more than just cope with the military life.”
Through her endearing and heartwarming style, Phillips lays out a foundational guide to help navigate the difficulties that military families will face during deployment and service, such as traveling to or living in unfriendly environments, dissatisfaction, how unity builds resilience, fear, God as our Defender and Protector, and enduring desperate times. In each chapter, a different meaning of the fifteen key elements is unpacked, exposing how faith is the glue that makes a significant difference in the overall well-being of military members and families who deal with these arduous circumstances.

“Many of the books for the military or military families are devotionals, biographies, or address the care for military children affected by war, and soldiers who return home with PTSD,” adds Phillips. “These are all worthwhile books, but Faith Steps for Military Families is set apart by offering advice, information, biblical principles to reaffirm faith which fosters hope to carry on and trust in God, with concepts not likely thought of before. You’ll discover biblical truths to build resiliency and spiritual readiness into your military marriage, family, and personal journey in faith.”
Faith Steps for Military Families provides touchstones of wisdom and addresses themes such as:
• Finding hope when life as a military family is on hold
• How unity builds resiliency in the military family
• The dangers of a complacent faith
• Trust in God during times of fear, or of the unknown
• Coping in contemptuous or hostile environments
• And much more!

Lisa Nixon Phillips, a native of Lawrence, Kansas, is a retired Navy wife, mother, author, and business owner with her husband, Ray. In 1986, she left Kansas and started a new life in California where she met and married her husband of 27 years. A passionate supporter of her husband’s military service, Phillips volunteered for various military family events during the span of her husband’s 21 years of service. While stationed on the island of Guam, she served as an Ombudsman to the navy’s ship repair facility.

Believing that faith makes a difference, God became the anchor for keeping her life focused, fulfilling and always with a purpose. Like every military family, Phillips and her husband experienced difficult times during training missions, deployments and PCS moves, but she attributes her resiliency as a military wife to her faith.

Phillips has two grown children. Her daughter, Megan, a first lieutenant in the Army National Guard is a field medical assistant in the Seattle area, and her son, Lawrence, just graduated from high school and is scheduled to enlist in the Navy. She and her husband, Ray, currently reside with their two pugs in Arlington, Washington.


Faith Steps for Military Families: Spiritual Readiness through the Psalms of Ascent is available for purchase on Amazon, Christian Book, and Barnes and Noble.



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