On DVD from Entertainment One and Antoine Fuqua Films is the AT&T/DirectTV original story of a family that struggles to stay together all because of “Ice.”

Jake (Cam Gigandet) works with his father Isaac Green in the family diamond business Green & Green Diamond. Brother Freddy (Jeremy Sisto) is the problem child as Jake feels like he must constantly rescue him from trouble. Once again it has happened when Freddy kills another diamond dealer.

Immediately Jake goes into action against the wishes of his ex-wife Ava (Audrey Anderson) who wants Freddy to start taking responsibility for his actions. Uncle Cam (Ray Winstone) wants to help in any way he can but agrees that Jake needs to take a step back.

A step back puts Jake in front of Sister Rah (Judi Shekoni) who he turns to for help. She agrees but only at the huge money price that Jake must pay off. Forcing the brothers to transport diamonds illegally, Jake sees it as a way to pay off the debt in one fell swoop but Sister Rah wants what she once had with Jake.

In the middle of this it becomes clear that Dad Isaac (Raymond J. Barry) is having trouble remembering things — including the location of family piece called the Holocaust Diamond. Cam wants to put Green & Green Diamonds back into the red but Isaac doesn’t want to do it his way. During an argument everything falls apart as the family comes to grips with the result.

G&G Diamonds has four people in charge that include Jake, Freddy, Issac’s granddaughter Willow (Chloe East) and sister. Cam is not happy but knows he can turn to Pieter Van De Bruin (Donald Sutherland) and make a deal. What Cam doesn’t know is that De Bruin has his hands smack in the middle of the family telling Cam to get his hands on 25 percent of the business.

Jake and Freddy come together putting their differences aside knowing that is the only way they are going to protect family and save the business is to find out what strings are being pulled — and by who!

Gigandet as Jake is cool and calm which is amazing considering all the crazy chaos going on around him. He is very focused on family and feels a need to constantly protect a brother who doesn’t seem to care for himself. Gigandet’s character is sharp and always trying to find a way out of the situations that seem to be snowballing out of control. Of course it’s mainly because he doesn’t have all the facts which makes watching him so much more delicious!

Sisto as Freddy is clearly just a hot mess of a brother who needs intervention for his entire life. Wow, this character can’t seem to find the straight line even if someone drew it for him yet he is clever when it comes to diamonds! The struggle between Freddy and Jake are played out so well by Sisto and I have to say I love him in this role.

Winstone as Cam gives new meaning to the word dual personality. He character clearly feels close to this family but seems to be guided by his own hurt feelings by the same family he feels close too. Follow? He is awesome in this role and I found myself yelling at the screen a few times at his character — that’s how you know he’s doing it right. Barry as Isaac is a man who wants to keep his family and business together but it all turns quickly.

Shekoni as Sister Rah is so bizarre it’s unreal. Coming off as a strong business woman, she has a posse that has no problem taking someone out at the snap of her fingers. Her back story slowly explains everything or does it? Anderson as Ava may be Jakes ex-wife but her ties to the family are very strong as well. She wants what is best for everyone and puts herself in the middle of it all to protect her daughter and the family business.

Sutherland as Pieter Van De Bruin is as evil as he wants to be. Charming to your face while picking the spot on your back he plans to ice you (yes, I said it). Of course I have an amazing soft spot in my heart for Sutherland as he’s on my top ten list of actors that can do no wrong. As De Bruin, Sutherland uses his skill to smile during threats and frown when the fun is over. Love, love, love this character in all his badness.

Other cast include: Ella Thomas as Lala Agabaria, Konstantin Lavysh as Alexi Yakenev, Antonio Cupo as Nick, Carmel Amit as Dalit, and Angela Gots as Natalya.

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“Ice: Season One” is a fast past and smart thriller with the backdrop of the diamond world. This cast brings together a dysfunctional family with so much distrust, secrets, lies, envy and no loyalty but yet fight for one another in the mix.

I really do love the triangle between Jake, Freddy and Cam because they play on emotions with their characters and that’s what causes me to yell at the screen so much. The later episode addition of Donald Sutherland is just icing on the cake for me. These four men are in the middle of an amazing storyline.

Shekoni, Thomas and Anderson are the women who are caught in the middle but have secrets of their own to keep. Playing off one another is brilliant in their storyline with the addition of East as a young girl who clearly sees everything these adults are doing.

The bonus features of “Ice: Season One” are “Premise,” “Jeremy Sisto and Cam Gigandet Interview” and “Rachele Royale ‘Diamond Girl’ Music Video.”

This series is going to be a sit through from start to finish. There is no way to watch one or two episodes and walk away so prepare for a marathon run of the first season. I’m really excited to see the next season because I want answers and probably a little come-uppance for a few characters.

In the end — come get your cut!



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