Coming to Reelz Channel this Saturday is a series narrated by Adam West that is filled with FANADDICTS!

This series delves into the world of those who collect some of the largest movie memorabilia ever! The first episode is about Walter, a self proclaimed WIZARD OF OZ fan who considers himself ‘Oz-sessed’.

Living with his father, Walter has rooms filled with everything from the one of the earliest copies of The Wizard of Oz to a pair of Dorothy’s infamous ruby slippers. His hope is to one day open up a museum to his beloved film and display everything he has collected over the years.

Bringing in an expert to appraise some of his items might just be the financial help it would take to make his dream come true. But what is it all worth and will he let any of it go?

FINAL WORD: I have to admit I never had any idea there were so many items associated with the WIZARD OF OZ. Going through Walters collection gives me a deeper understanding toward people that I personally know who have a similar but less expensive obsession with the 1933 Judy Garland film.

Adam West, quite the icon himself, narrates the show. Taking fans into the lives of these individuals I am sincerely hoping they show someone with a Batman collection because that, my friends, would be something I’d pay to see!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give FANADDICTS three tubs of popcorn out of five. As an obvious film lover myself it is easy to see how a collection like these can get started. For Walter it was something as simple as a bond with his mother that would grow into an Oz empire!

But that’s it isn’t it? We all love movies for different reasons – no matter the genre or the era, films have left their mark deep in us all. Whether bringing back a childhood memory or a shared interest with a family member, FANADDICTS is a show that gives the viewer an opportunity to see that emotion.

Reelz Channel has once again brought an original program for viewers. From Harry Potter to Superman to Jaws – take a moment this Saturday at 11 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. PT and see the magic and beauty of a classic film with FANADDICTS: Wizard of Oz!

In the end – it is nothing short of pure love of being a FANADDICT!

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