Opening in theatres this Friday from director Matthew Lillard and Whitewater Films comes a cautionary tale when FAT KIDS RULE.

This film tells the story of Troy Billings (Jacob Wysocki), an overweight young man with suicidal thoughts. Acting on one of those thoughts he attempts to step in front of a bus but is saved by street musician Marcus (Matt O’Leary).

A quirky and uneasy friendship starts between the two as Marcus asks Troy to become a drummer in his band. Troys Dad (Billy Campell) is not happy with his son’s choice of friends yet, in his own way, wants to support Troy. Brother Dayle (Dylan Arnold) doesn’t know what the heck is going on!

As their friendship oddly blooms so does Troy as families finally talk and friends start to rock!

FINAL WORD: Wysocki as Troy had his work cut out for him in this role. Its such a mixture of acceptance of others and less of himself. The limitations Troy puts on his ability to be accepted is mind-boggling! Dealing with it by visualizing a few twisted ideas is different to be sure yet Wysocki does so with such sweetness and humor. That’s hard to pull off!

Leary as Marcus is just one twisted sister I tell you! Marcus isn’t overweight yet his character has many of the same issues as Troy, which is another lesson within a lesson. Even in real life this pairing would be inevitable and amazing.

Campell as Dad has a lot of issues on his plate. Trying to raise two teenage boys while grieving the passing of wife/mother isn’t easy in any scenario. It was awesome to see Dad come out of his own shell to accept both of his sons and realize that control isn’t everything. Arnold as brother Dayle tries to make a place for himself desperately needing his big brother (no pun intended) to clear the path!

Other cast include: Megan Day as the Band Groupie, Sean Donavan as Ollie, Jeffrey Doornbos as Mr. Sherman, Vivan Dugre as Victoria, Julian Gavilanes as Matt, Russell Hodgkinson as Marcus’ Stepfather, Lili Simmons as Isabel, Brian Sutherland as Dino, and Tyler Trerise as Manoj.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give FAT KID RULES THE WORLD three tubs of popcorn out of five. The story is sad in many respects but the humor is a little twisted and laughter filled. It is not difficult to imagine Troy’s life given the mindset today of what over weight teens go through. This is a chance to rock, roll and accept – and we sure need more of that!

The film is based on a novel by K.L. Going, produced by Whitewater Films and is the directorial debut of Matthew Lillard. If that name seems familiar audiences would best know him as Shaggy from the SCOOBY-DOO movies and more recently as Phillip Sanderson in the Clint Eastwood film TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE.

In the end – ruling the world one kid at a time!



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