Coming to theatres from director-writer Stephanie Soechtig, writer Mark Monroe and Radius-TWC comes a look into what is in our food making us all FED UP.

This documentary talks about why Americans have so much trouble with weight. Narrated by Katie Couric, the filmmaker takes us through what is causing childhood obesity, adult obesity and how our children will live shorter lives because of the food industry.

In the McGovern Report of 1977, dietary guidelines were put into place and things changed. Why? Because, as the film tells us, there are dirty little secrets in our favorite foods and at restaurants that are being kept from consumers.

The film also follows families with children who are overweight trying to dig through the misinformation. What is found is heartbreaking for the children and the health scares they are enduring, the anger at companies who are hiding behind their billion dollar businesses (such as Coke-Cola) and refuse to comment and eye-rolling that our government doesn’t do more to stop it all.

Be prepared to change your own thinking because that’s what happens when we are all FED UP.

FINAL WORD: In the U.S. alone over 93 million Americans are by definition obese. This documentary spells it out plainly the number of products that are hurting more and more Americans at a younger age.

What are the issues? FED UP has made it plainly clear what they are at: HYPERLINK “” I think finding out the 56 places where sugar hides is an eye opener. Of course we all know about the usual sugars but with this list it is possible now to arm yourself with information so help you and your family live better and healthier.

Couric is the executive producer of FED UP and what made her get involved? “I’ve been in the news business for 35 years and I noticed that as time went by, I was covering more and more stories about childhood obesity. They were always snapshot of information – the latest study, the newest shocking statistics. I felt frustrated that no one was taking a truly comprehensive look at the problem – what was causing it, how have we changed our diets, what should we be doing differently. The consequences of childhood obesity are frightening. Not just for the children being impacted, but four our health care system. When I interviewed Stephanie Soechtig for her documentary TAPPED, I asked her if she would consider tackling the epidemic in a more thoughtful, holistic way.”

Soechtig directed the award-winning documentary TAPPED. Monroe’s writing credits include THE TILLMAN STORY and is currently working with Louis Psihoyo on a follow up to the film THE COVE.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give FED UP four tubs of popcorn out of five. We all know what is good and bad for us but having it spelled out for two hours is a total smack to the brain. This is a straight forward look at a problem that is going to get worse if nothing is done. Children need guidance not processed sugars!

When asked what she hoped audiences would take away form seeing FED UP, the director says, “I really hope the audience leaves feeling with a sense of obligation. The system isn’t going to fix itself – we all need to get involved if we want things to change and my greatest hope is that the audience leaves feeling angry and empowered to do something about the problem.

In the end – according to Congress pizza is a vegetable!



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