Opening in theatres this Friday from director Jaime Travis and Focus Features comes a straightforward comedy that knows FOR A GOOD TIME CALL.

This film tells the story of Lauren (Lauren Miller); a young woman recently parted from her boyfriend trying to find a place to live and loses her job. Telling her problems to bff Jesse (Justin Long) he gets a brainstorm to solve her problem.

Taking her to Gramercy Park, Lauren gets excited about the possibility until meeting the tenant Katie (Ari Graynor) and a past meeting flies in her head. This isn’t the perfect situation but Katie is also in a bind and might lose the apartment until Lauren agrees to be her roommate.

It only takes a hot minute before Lauren discovers what Katie does late at night in her room – getting hot and heavy on the phone for cash! Lauren makes it clear that she would never do such a thing, but never-say-never. When the job offers don’t come rolling in Lauren goes to Katie a plan.

What comes next is hilarity, fun and a little naughtiness!

FINAL WORD: Miller as Lauren is so steadfast and proper from the very beginning. Her goals were always clear until they weren’t. Once the two girls work out their issues it is wonderful to watch Miller loosen the hair bun and have some fun! She clearly has comedic timing that brings in the laughs as well as the ability to bring a friendship tear. Nicely done!

Graynor as Katie is so wild and crazy from the moment we hear her voice. She is the total opposite of Lauren, which makes their pairing even more special. Her view of life and love are so pure, even if a little off the beaten path, that it’s a joy to just sit back and allow the laughs to happen.

Long as mutual bff Jesse is so endearing and sweet. Its pretty sweet to watch Long take this role, make it his and roll with it line after incredible line. Webber plays Sean; one of Katie’s regulars, and once off the phone and into life just brightens up both roles for Graynor as well as himself.

Other cast include: James Wolk as Charlie, Sugar Lyn Beard as Krissy, Lawrence Mandaley as Henry, Steven Shaw as Morty, with cameos by Seth Rogan, Kevin Smith, Don McManus, Mimi Rogers and Nia Vardalos.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give FOR A GOOD TIME CALL three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This truly is a comedy that just lets it all loose and I enjoyed that immensely. The audience went on the ride the storyline provided. There wasn’t a moment that wasn’t jaw-dropping and filled with laughs at the same time. This is definitely a group movie in that a bunch of friends need to get together and go have a night out at the movies.

Writer Katie Ann Naylon says of her film, “I think our female relationships are so important and they are certainly to us and that there are very lasting relationships that teach you a lot about yourself and we definitely wanted to celebrate that in a real way instead of doing the romantic comedy thing this time around. I think it’s a nice message, which is that you don’t need to judge the girl across from you because she might end up being your best friend.”

In the end – lose your hang-ups and find your calling!



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