In theatres this week from director/writer Ruben Ostlund and Magnolia Pictures is a vacation, of sorts, in FORCE MAJEURE.

This film tells the story of a Swedish family on holiday in the French Alps. Right behind their hotel are the majestic mountains and slopes for everyone to ski. While at lunch, Tomas (Johannes Kuhnke), wife Ebba (Lisa Kongsli), daughter Vera (Clara Wettergren) and son Harry (Vincent Wettergren) are together when an avalanche hits.

Everyone runs as Ebba tries to throw herself around the children and Tomas is no where to be found. There is a quick recovery when everyone realizes that the avalanche stopped just before the hotel and Ebba is covered with only a light snowing.

Tomas also recovers quickly but it is Ebba that can not get over what happened. Feeling as if her husband betrayed them by running, she can not get Tomas to admit what he did. There marriage has been hit and Tomas must come clean about who he is.

That is an avalanche in itself!

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