Coming to DVD from Acorn and RLJ Entertainment is the next installment from one of televisions most amazing series with FOYLE’S WAR.

This series tells the story of DCS Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) who has now a retired policeman. After a trip to America he is immediately greeted strangely by Britain’s secret intelligence that want him to come out of retirement. With the release of the atomic bomb the world has changes so much as spies and counterintelligence has now heightened everyone’s fear.

In this DVD are three more mysteries including:

THE ETERNITY RING – In this episode Foyle is led to believe that his former driver Sam Wainwright (Honeysuckle Weeks) is involved in espionage. Knowing that there is more to the story than MI5 is saying, Foyle does what he does best – find the answers before more people get hurt.

THE CAGE – Foyle looks into the deaths of Russian defectors and, as he tends to do, digs deep into what happened at a military facility shrouded in mystery.

SUNFLOWER – Foyle takes the case looking into a Nazi defector that is protected by MI5 but has faced assassination attempts on his life.

If that isn’t enough for fans there almost two hours of bonus features that include:
* A recap of the sets 1-6
* Behind-the-scene featurettes
* Introductions to the episodes by writer & creator Anthony Horowitz
* A photo gallery

I have become a huge fan of this show and its because of the talented writing, cinematography, directing and, of course, an amazingly talented cast. Taking in the issues of the era is a clever way to mesh history into a police mystery. The characters are each amazing to watch and, with this DVD, to see that their characters have grown in the middle of a war setting. I have to say that I was actually delighted with the change yet the characters themselves are the same diligent investigators with the scars of one war into the scars of another.

Of course there is the returning cast of Kitchen as Foyle and Weeks as Sam. With these new episodes the cast has expanded to include Ellie Paddington as Hilda Pierce, Tim McMullan as Arthur Valentine, Jeremy Swift as Glenvile Harris, Rupert Vansittart as Sir Alec Meyerson and Daniel Weyman as Daniel Wainwright. Writer and creator Anthony Horowitz brings it all to television and I, for one, am excited to see what else is to come!

RLJ Entertainment and Acorn specialize in the best of British television and bringing it to DVD blu-ray. To look for more of FOYLE’S WAR go to Acorn TV is the first British television streaming service that also includes upcoming series such as DOC MARTIN, VERA and MURDOCH MYSTERIES.

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