On DVD from creator Anthony Horowitz, PBS and Acorn Media Group comes the television series that will have viewers watching FOYLE’S WAR.

This series tells the story of Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen), a police investigator in the small town of Hastings, England in 1940. As World War II goes on all around them, Foyle asks to be transferred to do his part. After being turned down, he settles into his new assignment as Detective Chief Superintendent of Hastings.

As part of his new job, Foyle is given a driver Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks), a spitfire redhead who is doing her part for the war. The daughter of a vicar, Sam can’t help give her opinion now and then often to Foyle’s quiet amusement.

Another member of his staff is Paul Milner (Anthony Howell), a former soldier who has lost his leg in battle. Foyle immediately knows that getting Milner to work is the best therapy for him. Problems at home and trying to fit back into civilian life, Milner takes the job.

Foyle, a widower, also keeps tabs on his son Andrew (Julian Ovenden) who has joined the military and sent to RAF. He is trained as a pilot, which gives Foyle much pride but also fatherly concern.

As the team begins to investigate incidences the fears of the Nazi’s, nightly bombing raids is mixed with the crimes of passion, greed and war – nothing stops them from doing what is right.

FINAL WORD: Kitchen as Christopher Foyle is exceptional in this role. He is intelligent, lovely, diligent and humorous. There is a slight sadness in this character but its understandable. There is a straight forwardness in everything he sees and people encountered.

Howell as Milner is mild mannered but that doesn’t stop him from being good at his job. Dealing with issues of a wounded soldier and a wife that seems to move away from him, it is the job offered him by Foyle that gives him the chance to ????

Weeks as Samantha is delightful, and a woman who doesn’t miss much.

Other cast include appearances by: James MacAvoy, Rosamund Pike, Matt Smith and Charles Dance among others.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give FOYLE’S WAR four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is such an amazing series that offers viewers a rich television experience. This era piece has full character development, story lines that are entwined with World War II history, brilliant costuming and cinematography. It is amazing to experience all of these melded together seamlessly to bring this series to audiences.

A soulful man as Kitchen makes it all look easy to believe that he cares about what he does and doesn’t forget the people involved. The character of Foyle is a decent, reasonable and very human surrounded by a scary time. In the backdrop, the way everyone lives in fear of the German’s coming brings out the best and the worst in people.

Howell and Weeks are the support system that truly make the stories work. Each episode is different yet doesn’t forget the time period it is representing. There isn’t an episode in this season that doesn’t carry emotion and at the season’s end with August 1940, the viewer will want more!

This is a series that is very addictive and another example of how television is bring viewers more than ever before. FOYLE’S WAR is worth owning and has to bee experiences to be believed.

In the end – while the world is at war, one man fights his own battle on the home front!

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