Opening in theatres this Friday is the next Liam Neeson film THE GREY. It is the story of Ottway (Neeson) who survives a plane crash in the wilderness and fights to get home to his wife. Along with other survivors they make there way through the cold, snow and ice to find help.

Along with Neeson is one of his co-stars Frank Grillo who plays Diaz. Grillo has been seen in such films as “Warrior” and “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise. His resume is filled with roles on television with “Breakout Kings”, “The Gates”, and “Law and Order SVU” just to name a few.

Recently, Grillo was invited to the WW Raw Supershow because of his love of wrestling and athletics in general. Before becoming an actor, Grillo engaged the sport of wrestling in high school and college. After graduating from New York University he spent a year on Wall Street before being asked to do a Miller Genuine Draft beer commercial and his career took off from there.

I got a chance to ask him a few questions in between matches at the Supershow.

Hi Frank, I can’t wait to see you in THE GREY

Grillo: When are you seeing it?

Tonight actually and thanks for talking with me.

Grillo: Oh I’m glad you’re seeing it and thanks for taking the time!

Going to backtrack a little, how was it to work on Prison Break?

Grillo: Prison Break was good for what it was.

You have been busy since you work with the SVU cast?

Grillo: Yes, I have, very.

What do you think of Kurt Angle since we are talking during tonights

Grillo: I worked with him on “Warrior” and he’s so cool. One of the best
American wrestlers. He taught me how to fall I wrestled in high
school and college. I’ve also trained with the Gracie family for many years so
Grappling is in my blood.

Who was your favorite WWE Superstar growing up?

Grillo: Chief J. Strongbow. My father loved him! No one remembers him I bet but
I love The Chief. John Cena is an animal! I like him a lot too.

It seems Dwayne Johnson has gotten back into the ring a little. What do you think of him as an actor?

Grillo: He is actually good. I enjoy watching him. Hollywood needs The Rock and
Guys like him. But Hugh Jackman and me that would be a fun match up.

Oh, because of him showing up at a match your thinking about it eh?

Grillo: It would be fun wouldn’t it?

Is this your first WWE Event?

Grillo: No, I’ve been to several WWE matches.

Do you have a favorite all time WWE match that you can remember?

Grillo: Randy Macho Man and Hogan – best match.

Well, we have to talk about the film before we lose you. Can you talk about the film with viewers and the intensity we see from the trailers?

Grillo: It was a blast minus 25 degrees! A very cool group of tough guys.

Where was the film shot?

Grillo: It was shot in British Columbia actually.

What was it like to work with Liam Neeson?

Grillo: He is awesome…it was a dream for me as I’ve always been a huge fan.
We are great friends.

How did you train to deal with the extreme elements?

Grillo: I boxed for three months every day and visited several prisons in New York.
I needed to be in great cardio shape.

Did you actually work with some real wolves or was it all computer animated?

Grillo: Yes, real wolves. There were a few animated ones as well.

Were you at all worried about the wolves?

Grillo: Wolves are fairly timid and well trained. It was more of a concern not
to hurt them.

How do you feel about your character in THE GREY?

Grillo: He is a bad guy. I’m a father of three sons! I do like to fight though. In the ring
or on the mat but not like my character.

How has your training influenced your view on wrestling?

Grillo: I think wrestlers are the best athletes, period.

Do you have your next film lined up?

Grillo: I do, “Gangster Squad” with Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling and Bruce Willis.

Why should viewers see THE GREY?

Grillo: I want to shout out to Cena for seeing THE GREY early and for telling
People to go see it. THE GREY is Liam Neeson at his best with lost of action and
Thrills. That’s why I think everyone will like it.

THE GREY is getting good reviews

Grillo: Great reviews, yes, and we’re very excited about it. Plus, you get to
Watch what happens when I challenge Liam to a fight! You will be on
The edge of your seat, I can promise that.

Thanks for your time Frank and for sharing your thoughts about wrestling and THE GREY, which is in theatres this Friday!

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