Coming to DVD from director Richard Raaphorst and Dark Sky Films comes a tale like no other when dealing with FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY.

This film tells the story of Russian soldiers Sergei (Joshua Sasse), Novikov (Robert Gwilym), Sacha (Luke Newberry), Ivan (Hon Ping Tang), Vassili (Andrei Zayats) and Alexei (Mark Stevenson). Going into Eastern Germany their mission is to find the lab of Dr. Viktor Frankenstein (Karel Roden) and capture him.

The band of soldiers is being followed by videographer Dimitri (Alexander Mercury), who was sent along to document everything they find in the laboratory. None would have a clue what to find, and when they discover a laboratory like no other the truth slowly begins to emerge.

One man is responsible with no way out other than to join his army!

FINAL WORD: I hate to lump (no pun intended) all the soldiers together but wow! As a group these actors work well together and although there is an occasional obvious over act I’m cool with it. Seriously, they are Frankenstein bait from the moment they hit the lab so I’m willing to cut (dang pun again!) them slack.

Sasse as Sergei is the handsome leading man along with being the soldier who tries to keep the gang together. Newberry as Sasha has anger issues for sure and doesn’t mind smacking some people around a bit. Tang as Ivan is the one who isn’t going to go down without a fight, and even then he still going to fight.

Mercury as Dimitri is the crazy character to me. In the middle of madness leave it to someone with a camera to get every little thing on film – even if it means not helping to protect the soldiers. He also plays a character with a big secret!

Roden as Dr. Frankenstein plays the calmest mad man I’ve ever seen. As he explains his theories I’m stunned at demeanor, which makes me break out laughing. Is that inappropriate? Who cares, it is riveting to watch.

The DVD includes a Making-Of featurette that reveals all facets, a 31-minute featurette that uncovers Richard Raaphorst’s creature design, the pre-production and actual creature creation by the Unreal FX team.

Also included are interviews with the director, cinematographer, Unreal FX team and the FRANKENSTEIN ARMY’S actors. There are also five creature spots including Burnt Match Man, Mosquito Mah, Propellerhead, Teddy Bear Woman and Razor Teeth.

Other cast include: Cristina Catalina as Eva, Jan de Lukowicz as Fritz, Zdenek Basrinka as Hans, and Klaus Lucas as Dieter.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give FRAKENSTEIN’S ARMY three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a totally unexpected film for me. Of course when you think Frankenstein the mind tends to wander to Mary Shelly – THIS is not that Frankenstein. I think even Shelly would be a tad jealous.

Instead it’s a jaw dropping storyline that goes where no one has thought to go before. The creatures are amazing and totally unexpected so prepare yourself for shocks! Never in all my horror film watching days would I have thought of a fraction of these characters.

Dark Sky Films is dedicated to the discovery, preservation and production of new and classic horror, sci-fi and cult films from around the world. The MPI Media Group produces and distributes the world’s most respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television programs. Check out

This is the DVD to have for a fantastic Friday night of home scary movie watching, actually intense scary movie creature freaky movie watching!

In the end – they battled a force of pure evil!

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