This week on Blu-ray from Entertainment One is a while into the underworld with “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season Three.”

After the destruction of Twister’s, there is a different and unexpected kind of twist when two demons rise up from the ashes. When the brothers Richie (Zane Holtz) and Seth (D.J. Cotrona) are ordered by the Lords to collect, they notice someone is watching them. At a meeting that includes Lord Verdugo (Ana de la Reguera) and Ximena (Emily Rios), Alonzo (Lobo Sebastian) wants to make sure it isn’t an ordinary meeting.

It is clear that there are more demons to be dealt with and no just Skull Keeper (Joseph Gatt) and mystery man Brasa (Maurice Compte)! Kate (Madison Davenport) also makes a return but there is something different about her. In the meantime, Gonzalez (Jesse Garcia) and Ximena are following the culebra and instead find Brasa. Richie and Seth look for help with Santanico (Eiza Gonzalez) finding her doing business in Piedras Negras.

Seth knows that the only way to get her help is to hop into her business and put up his fists. Thinking it would be easy, all Hades breaks out as Santanico’s lover is killed which means she will be joining the brothers after all.

In Texas, Gonzalez is in the middle of a demon ranch and needs the Gecko brothers for help. That isn’t all they discover, as the secrets about the demons and where they come from is found in a local shop and Burt. Amaru is inside Kate and there is a portal that is about to cause more problems.

Richie starts a conversation with Dr. Dakota Block (Nicky Whelan) and who she truly is, is a stunner. Amaru is continuing to take out men and Gonzales tells the Gecko brothers that she’s about to unleash even more demons. If that isn’t hard enough, Brasa is releasing weird creatures that can take over humans and Dr. Block wants revenge for her father’s death!

In a back story, Kate and Amaru come together and now Richie goes through the portal and is in the same place. Amaru finds out that Gonzalez and Ximena are together and orders Richie to make sure that stops. In a mansion trying to deal with culebra, a soul gatherer named Itzpa (Fernanda Andrade) who uses emotions to get her way.

Now it’s time to find Lord Venganza when the brothers take the gang to Matanzas, Texas to take on the demon army. It is when Venganza and Amaru come face to face that one of them may not make it out.

They must seal the gate of Xibalba if any of them are to make it out alive!

I have to also say that Cotrona and Holtz have given a whole new meaning to a brother team. As Seth and Richie they have taken some of the characteristics of the original film characters but have taken them in so many different places. I enjoy their performances and look forward to where they go next. The same can be said of Davenport (poor Kate!) and Garcia this season.

The “From Dusk Till Dawn” series is based on the original script by the ever-cool-to-meet-in-person Robert Rodriguez. Yes, I have met this man and there aren’t enough hours in the day to ask all the questions I wanted too. Asked what motivated him to take the film to series, Rodriguez says that “From Dusk Till Dawn” “is one of my favorite films working with Quentin Tarantino. There was so much more there to get into with the Mesoamerican, Aztec and Mayan mythology. It was cool to figure out where vampires might have fit in back then so I did.”

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You can also find the series on Digital HD through iTunes, Amazon, Fandango Now, Google Play, Microsoft, Sony Playstation and Vudu.

“From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season Three” include the episodes “Head Games,” “La Reina,” “Protect and Serve,” “Fanglorious,” “Shady Glen,” “Straitjacket,” “La Llorona,” “Rio Sangre,” “Matanzas” and “Dark Side of the Sun.”

The DVD includes the bonus features of “Audio Commentary with Cast & Crew,” “Season 3 Catch Up: The Gecko Brothers,” “The Fullers” and “Freddie Gonzalez.” Featurettes include: “Carlos Madrigal Returns,” “Evolution of Kate Fuller,” “Monsters of Xibalba: Itzpa-Llorena” and “Monsters of Xibalba: Xibalba 101.”

Also includes are “Inside the Episodes: Monsters of Xibalba: Cipactli,” “Monsters of Xibalba: Skull Keeper,” “Monsters of Xibalba: Olmeca” and “Season 3 New Characters.” If that isn’t enough, how about “Trailers,” “Season 3 Wrap Up,” “Season 3 Best Kills,” “When Sex Machines Collide,” “Evolution of a Fight Scene” and “Deleted Scenes.”

The cast has once again brought this series some serious vamp cred with the fantastic storytelling added into the mix. As a fan of this genre there isn’t anything about the series I would change. It has plots twists galore and battles that are not for the faint of heart (which is also very cool).

If you really want to know the best part about this 10-episode Blu-ray set is the spectacular way it is put together for fans of the series. Not only are the episodes mind blowing with color and vivid detail but the features are gnarly and answer any questions and trust me I had some myself.

My suggestion is to get seasons one and two ready and make a serious weekend marathon of “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series” because once you’ve been bitten, there’s just no way to not marathon!

In the end — watch your neck!



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