From the Navy to College: Transitioning from the Service to Higher Education

As a long-term military education director with both the navy and the army, I can state unequivocally that this is a most comprehensive and fact-filled explanation of educational benefits for service members. It is absolutely the best review of benefits that I have seen in my thirty-eight years of government service! (Mebane Harrison, Retired Education Director, Navy College and Army Education Centers)

This book will no doubt be invaluable to Sailors interested in pursuing higher education goals. It is all encompassing, clearly spelling out the complicated options available to service members, whether their goals point toward degree completion or vocational training. The book does an excellent job pointing out potential pitfalls that may confront Sailors in their educational journey and how best to avoid them. (Edward McKenney, former Dean of Military Academic Programs, Coastline College, Fountain Valley, California)

This is a must have reference for any Sailor serious about making the most of their academic pursuits. If only I had this book when I was pursuing my undergraduate degree after retiring from my naval career I could have saved some missteps in the maze of higher education. This book contains a wealth of information not only for the Sailor (active or vet) but it is a compendium of resources for the Education/Academic Advisors serving Sailors. (David Taylor, Ed.D., Former Navy College Education Specialist/Guidance Counselor; Retired Visiting Assistant Professor and Program/Academic Coordinator for graduate and undergraduate Workforce Education and Develop programs offered in Southern California by Southern Illinois University Carbondale)

This book is the complete guide for the service member ready to advance his or her education. I have not seen any other resource as comprehensive nor focused on setting the foundation for success. The authors have simplified a complex process, considered military factors and placed seasoned counseling advice at one’s fingertips! (Gretchen C. Taylor, MD, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret))

From the Navy to College is a great and practical source of information we usually don’t hear enough about. It is very personable and has good practical advise. The information is relevant to all still in active duty, as well as to those who have transitioned into the civilian world. (Elizabeth G. Beazley, Medical Corps, United States Navy- Retired)

After reading Ms. Ventrone’s book I can honestly say that it is a useful to me for all those servicemen and women trying to navigate the waters of higher educational opportunities. This manual is indispensable in finding the way toward a higher degree. I recommend it without reservation. (David T. Dennihy, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine SUNY)

Jill Ventrone and Robert W. Blue did an excellent job in putting this resource together and making it available to individuals interested in the continuing education of our military members. So much of the information is applicable to anyone working in military education.(Susanne Bowles, retired Navy Campus Director)

Today’s Sailors have more drive and more opportunities to enhance their education than any previous era. From Navy To College: Transitioning from the Service to Higher Education is a magnificent one-stop reference guide for leaders throughout the Navy. It points Sailors in the right direction to get factual information they need as they make the decision to commit to institutes of higher learning whether vocational, distance learning or brick and mortar schools. From Navy To College is a great tool to add to the deckplate leadership tool-box and a tremendous reference guide when doing one-on-one counseling or Career Development Boards. Quite frankly, if this book had been around when I went to advance my education, I wouldn’t have faced the obstacles and unanswered questions that presented a challenge to me. Bravo Zulu to Robert Blue and Jillian Ventrone for their collaboration to put this excellent resource guide together. (David S. McArtin, CMDCM(AW) USN (Ret))

I’ve been earning my education with military programs since 2008 and have always had to jump through hoops or chase people who know how to do things, but Jill’s book takes all the resources and methods I’ve been utilizing (and a lot I didn’t know about) and literally compiles it all to a “one stop shop” book for Navy personnel. It also makes chasing individuals a thing of the past, and turns “he said, she said” education theories into factual reality. If a Navy service member were to purchase that book, there would be no confusion how to earn a degree or where to start. (Jeffrey D. Osborne, BU1(SCW/EXW/MTS))



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