Coming to DVD from director/writer Tom Morris and WELL GO USA Entertainment comes a story about GENERAL EDUCATION.

This film tells the story of Levi Collins (Chris Sheffield), a young man with a tennis career ahead and colleges offering scholarships. There’s just one little problem, Levi isn’t going to graduate high school.

Telling his father the mayor Rich Collins (Larry Miller) isn’t going to be pleasant since playing tennis is his goal not really Levi’s. Mom Gale (Janeane Garofalo) is having her own midlife drinking crisis. Levi’s sister Emily (McKaley Miller) has found a life of mime and brother Brian (Bobby Campo) comes home confused.

The only way to set things right is for Levi to go to summer school! Trying to hide the fact from his parents he plays tennis and skips classes. That is until he meets Katie (Maiara Walsh) who helps him see his life a little more clearly.

FINAL WORD: Sheffield is quite the young comic as Levi. Trying to do what’s right by his family even if it goes against what he wants for himself. In the middle of the family drama is some pretty funny stuff.

Miller as Dad Rich has what it takes to be an overbearing father. His problem really isn’t Levi as much as it’s seeing what his family is truly going through. Garofalo as Gale plays an unusual role here. Usually her roles are sarcastic, witty and full of one-liners but here she does something totally unique – and does it well.

Miller as Emily is sweet and funny even if she doesn’t talk a lot in the film. Campo as brother Brian comes home to see his brother Levi going through almost the same decision making as he is – minus the broken heart.

Other cast include: Skylan Brooks as Charles, Seth Cassell as Shady Nick, Federico Dordei as Sam Goldstein, Harvey Guillen as Andy, Stacy Hall as Officer Bob, Elaine Hendrix as Mrs. Bradford, Tom Maden as Chad, Mercedes Masohn as Bebe and Susan McCarthy as Principle Lynch.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give GENERAL EDUCATION three tubs of popcorn out of five. There are a lot of elements here from some well-loved 80s films but done in such a fun way I didn’t mind at all. The characters are funny, sweet and full of mischief, which is a very fun way of spending time watching the film.

Adding this DVD to any home collection is a plus. There are bonus features including a featurette “The Making of General Education” along with outtakes and commentary. Well Go USA brings quality entertainment and also the best in Asian filmmaking to North America with releases many titles are released monthly. Go to for more!

In the end – life can be such a general education!



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