On DVD this week from SHOUT! Factory Kids and director Phil Gorn is a tale of love and friendship all because of “Gibby.”

Katie (Shelby Lyon) is a young girl going through many changes due to the loss of her beloved mother. She has turned away from school that she once enjoyed, her friends and the dedication of gymnastics.

Seeing that the Katie is struggling is teacher Ms. Martin (Shannon Elizabeth) who asks her to monkeysit Gibby the Capuchin monkey. Dad Frank (Sean Patrick Flanery) is leery that this might help but believes in his daughter.

Gibby is a big personality and takes to her new friend Katie helping her find fun again. Not happy with Gibby is Alicia (Ysa Penarejo) because the little monkey has given Katie a reason to return to gymnastics once again. Also noticing the change in Katie is Tommy (Peyton Meyer) who has more than a crush on the tumbler.

The day of the big tournament arrives; Alicia is going to put her own friendships with to the test. Knowing there is only one way to stop Shelby, she does the unthinkable to win.

It is Gibby who believes in her friend Katie most of all!

Gibby is Crystal the Monkey and she has had a fantastic career so far. From “George of the Jungle” and “Dr. Dolittle” to playing Dexter in the “Night at the Museum” franchise on the big screen, she has also performed on the small screen in “Animal Practice” and “Community” television shows. In Gibby she continues to delight and make me laugh.

Lyon as Katie is delightful and takes on the role of a young girl going through a gambit of emotion in her young life. She gives the character a chance to make relatable choices through her performance. Meyer as Tommy is going to go far and I’m predicting this now. He has the charm and shows such intensity in those young eyes and it will serve him well.

Penarejo as Alicia is a young woman who has issues of her own that really have nothing to do with Katie but her own insecurities. Leading her friends in the wrong direction, it is good to see Gibby stand up for her friend. Flanery as Frank is very supportive of his daughter and I really appreciated that.

Other cast include Eryn Nicole Pablico as Diane, Sabina Bacino as Cindy, Brieana Davis as Nicole, Logal Hassel as Beverly, Tess Kartel as Coach and Vivica A. Fox as Director.

“Gibby” is the perfect family film to watch together because there are so many themes here. There is the loyalty of friends (furry or otherwise), dedication of family, the caring of schoolteachers and coaches and first love along with the belief by an amazing animal.

The storyline is done in a great way that allows young kids who are watching to embrace the characters. Whether is be Katie’s grief at the loss of her mother to Tommy’s new feelings for her. It also opens the door to talk about bullying and the friendship that can be had with animals that show their ability to care.

“Gibby”, is also a film that is delightfully funny and we can thank Crystal the Capuchin for that!

The DVD includes the Special Features of Monkeying Around: A Look Back at Gibby, Audio Commentary on the Gibby Red Carpet, Blooper Reel, Crystal’s Audition, Monkey Business Music Video and Trailer. “Gibby” has also been awarded the Dove Foundation’s Family Seal of Approval for all ages.

In the end — add a little monkey to your life!



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