Opening in theatres from director Denis Hennelly and Samuel Goldwyn Films comes a look at what happens when someone says GOODBYE WORLD.

This film tells the story of James (Adrian Grenier) and Lily (Kerry Bishe), a couple living with their daughter out in the woods living off the land. Coming for the weekend are friends Nick (Ben McKenzie) and girlfriend Becky (Caroline Dhavernas) to enjoy a quiet weekend.

That’s when the rest of the Unites States begins receiving the message “Goodbye World” on their cell phones. After that everything begins to shut down! Wide spread panic ensues and more of the couples friends find their way to James and Lily’s home.

College professor Benji (Mark Webber), girlfriend Ariel (Remy Nozik), Laura (Gaby Hoffmann) and slightly off Lev (Scott Mescudi) complete the guests. Immediately they all begin taking stock of provisions and how long they can hold out.

What they don’t expect is Damon (Linc Hand), a military man who has an agenda of his own and it’s not for the good of the people. Fighting for their lives isn’t their only battle as secrets in the group of friends begins to emerge.

Saying goodbye to the world may just make them all honest!

FINAL WORD: Grenier as James portrays a husband who wants to be all things to his family. Everything he did I have to say was admirable but in that lies a bigger problem when it comes to helping those outside his home. Grenier’s character certainly wears his heart on a vulnerable sleeve and pays dearly for it.

Bishe as Lily is a woman having an early mid-life crisis for sure! Once ex-Nick comes to give her a little attention she folds like an accordion. Feeling neglected by both her husband and daughter she sure doesn’t waste any time rekindling a flame.

McKenzie as Nick is the male version of Lily. Not being able to have what he wants there doesn’t seem to be a conscience in him for using Becky to fill a void. Managing to stay in Lily’s life there is another little twist I’ll leave for the viewer. Dhavernas as Becky is dealing with her own issues of “oh they didn’t like me in college”.

Webber as Benji has his moments although most of the smart ones come at the end of the film. Nozik as Ariel is a gal that wouldn’t make it five minutes in a real event such as this, to many people would be eager to straighten her out! Mescudi as Lev is an interesting character and watching this actor bring Lev full circle is definitely something to watch.

Hand as Damon is a military man (no branch is really specified) who definitely goes off the reservation. Believing he has the power to do whatever he wants. This character is one that is eerily realistic because each of us knows there will be someone like him to fear in a scenario such as this.

A winning character here is Hoffmann as Laura. Even with her world slightly crumbles because of an elicit affair, she still manages to be resourceful, resilient, meaningful and courageous – even when it scares her to death. Her performance is just stellar and Hoffmann has certainly grown so much as an actress.

Other cast include: Julie Dretzin as Claire, McKenna Grace as Hannah, and Patrick Mapel as Kyle.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give GOODBYE WORLD three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is an interesting look at how something as simple as a text can scare the world into panic and how technology has so much control over what we consider modern conveniences. Of course the film has several layers of storytelling to it that is very well done.

It is a peek inside both personal relationships, friendships and how we treat one another under pressure. There are certainly issues that some might think small but not having lived in such an environment who is to say what is small when every decision made could hurt someone you love.

In the end – cleaning up their past may just help them start a new future!



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