Coming to theatres from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and director Jeff Chan goes deeper into the story of GRACE: The Possession.

Grace (Alexia Knapp) in a young woman going away to her first year of college. Living a chaste life she knows something is slowly coming over her. Seeing things and unsure of herself, at a party one night she sees something horrible and faints.

Now, she is on her way home with Grandma Helen (Lin Shaye) who has pulled her out of school. Giving Grace no choice the stress begins to show in strange ways. It doesn’t help that Grandma Helen has involved the clergy of the local church.

As Grace begins to uncover the story of her mother, she also believes that the church is involved in it all, except for Luke (Joel David Moore) who only wants to help. Now the battle begins for a soul to be taken and a life to be saved.

FINAL WORD: Knapp as Grace manages to make creepy look good. It doesn’t take long to feel sorry her (especially when Grandma shows up) learning the history of her mother. It doesn’t help that those who are suppose to be supportive (the church going folk of the town) are the least supportive. Knapp doesn’t take her performance to far which I appreciate more than I can tell her!

Shaye as Grandma Helen is pure text book religious nutty. Keeping the secret of Graces’ mother was her first mistake, telling a teenager to stay out of a creepy room was her second. I mean tell a teen ‘no’ about someplace and you can place bets in Vegas that’s exactly where they are going to end up. Grandma doesn’t leave much room for compassion and love either!

Moore as Luke is the poor almost-priest who has to keep Graces’ hands to herself or is it the demon’s hands? Hmmmm… Alan Dale is another priest of the parish who has some explaining to do himself.

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Other cast includes: Brett Dier as Brad, Madeleine Arthur as Sally, Kurt Ostlund as Joel, and Alexia Fast as Grace/Mary.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give GRACE: The Possession three tub of popcorn out of five. This is again the type of films I like to be scared about. I’m more into the jumping because of freaky sounds and shadows etc. This falls into that category. With Halloween just around the corner this definitely will make it into the 24-hour scare-a-thon in any home.

There are a few twists here but it must be said that the story is pretty straight forward. As possession films go there is no reinvention of the wheel here but its still fun. This is from the producer of SINISTER and executive producer of INSIDIOUS – two Halloween horror genre spooky films that are on my hit list!

In the end – follow your history before it catches up with you!



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