Husband and wife team up to share passion, drive with new generation

Kenneth Drinnon and his wife Janis Bolton Drinnon might have come of age during World War II, but that doesn’t mean they are slowing down in their golden years. In fact, this husband-and-wife team shows Millennials what is possible with work ethic and passion.

Kenneth served as a B17 ball-turret gunner in World War II, flying 34 missions over Germany and supporting troops with a bombing campaign during the Battle of the Bulge. He then became an electrical engineer, publishing a paper through a well-known trade magazine and presenting his ideas at a trade conference that same year.

Rather than relax in retirement, Kenneth took up several years of research to publish his first book Drinnons of Mulberry Gap, a historical non-fiction book. In addition, the veteran not only typed and edited his wife’s book of poetry but also wrote a second book, Wings of Tru Love: A WWII B17 Ball-Turret Gunner Memoir, which details Drinnon’s wartime experience, including his memories of the Battle of the Bulge, as well as how the war affected the rest of his life.

“Once I began writing about my war experiences, it occurred to me that my military experience had a great deal to do with what I was able to accomplish,“ Kenneth said.

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