On DVD from creator Jonathan M. Shiff, Flatiron Film Company and Cinedigm comes season one of teen girls who know all about H2O: JUST ADD WATER, Season Three.

This series tells the story of three teenage girls Rikki (Cariba Heine), Cleo (Phoebe Tonkin) and Emma (Claire Holt) celebrating their last summer before becoming seniors in high school. Along with Lewis (Angus McLaren) they spend their days on Mako Island.

But mysterious things begin to happen as the water calls to the girls and they soon discover they are mermaids! Learning the secrets of the Moon Pool they are in lucky when they meet Bella (Indiana Evans) who helps them discover what the dark force is that looms over the island and also understand their destiny.

FINAL WORD: This is truly an amazing show and what an empowerment for young women. These stories are relatable to teens because the problems these girls face are typical – of course minus being a mermaid.

Heine, Tonkin and Holt along with Evans are a wonderful example of being a teenager and the friendships that are lasting. These girls have their problems but, working them out together, have each other’s best interest at heart. It is difficult to find shows like these that promote such friendship without issues that don’t seem age appropriate.

McLaren as Lewis and Abernethy as Zane each get a chance to show their acting skills. McLaren as the supportive role and Abernathy as the ‘bad boy’ of the local town. Evans being the newest addition works really well for the series.

Other cast include: Burgess Abernethy as Zane, Cleo Massey as Kim, Alan Lee as Don, Jaime Timony as Nate, Indiana Evans as Isabel, Luke Mitchel as Will, Ariu Sio as Wilfred, Brittany Byrnes as Charlotte, Taryn Marler as Sophie.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give H20: JUST ADD WATER three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This really is a fun series to watch for the whole family. It is a worldwide phenomenon with over 250 million viewers! That many people can’t be wrong. Each girl is very different yet their friendship is based on so much more.

This four disc set includes thirteen episodes plus a bonus cast photo section and a behind the scenes special. If you want more from creator Jonathan M. Shiff, he along with Nickelodeon is creating a 26-episode spin off SECRET OF MAKO ISLAND, which will, premier in 2013.

I certainly would suggest starting out with Season One and catching up on this series. There is so much fun, humor; friendship and chaos (in a good way) that your teen will want to watch all the episodes at once! The song ‘No Ordinary Girl’ was written by Shelley Rosenberg and performed by Kate Alexa.

In the end – do you believe in mermaids?

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