On DVD this week from AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment is the acclaimed series “Halt and Catch Fire: The Complete Second Season.”

Giant has been running for over a year now. Joe (Lee Pace) is now living in Austin and Nathan has sold the company to a corporation overseas. When Gordon (Scoot McNairy) gets a check for a large sum and divides it between the three of them but only two will have money in their pockets.

Donna (Kerry Bishe) is at Mutiny with Cameron (Mackenzie Davis) yet feels like he doesn’t take her serious when she voices her concerns. Joe decides to propose to now girlfriend Sara (Aleksa Palladino) who happily accepts which leads to a meeting of her father Jacob Wheeler (James Cromwell). A rich man in oil he offers Joe a job to make sure his daughter is taken care of.

Gordon has taken his family to California to visit his brother and reveals what he has been keeping from them. That doesn’t stop him from reaching out to old school friends to decide what it would take to start a custom PC building company that sells direct to consumers.

Donna thought she had problems before with Cameron, she is freaking out even more so when he brings Bosworth (Toby Huss) in after his recent prison release. Bosworth has his own problems when he is told to stay away from his son James. Their tension continues when Cameron hires Tom Rendon (Mark O’Brien) without consulting her. It all comes to a head when she discovers what Tom is really up to.

Jacob tries to help his future father-in-law with ideas for changes to the business. Sara sees that he is trying to make a name for himself which does put a strain on their relationship. What Jacob Wheeler doesn’t see coming will put an even bigger strain on their relationship.

The finale leads to marriage, ending of deals, help from an unexpected place and underhanded moves that will take them all to San Francisco and a new beginning.

I have to say it, I can never get enough of Lee Pace and as Joe he is really good. It is interesting to see where this character is now compared to the last season. Fighting his way back up the ladder I can not wait to see where this character goes in the next season.

Bishe as Donna really gets a set of chops in season two trying to keep everything above water. Getting in on the ground level of this thing called the internet, I loved keeping up with her this season. McNairy character Gordon is truly being thrown around this season yet what broken the group apart, this character can put together again – okay so I’m hoping!

Davis as Cameron is all over the place with his hands in everything. That’s where this characters problem begins when he doesn’t trust his own partner in Donna. Of course it is all because of his insecurities but boy was it frustrating to watch!

It must be said that having James Cromwell in the series is just brilliant. Cromwell is an actor that can do no wrong in my eyes no matter what character he is given and once he is given a character, he truly makes it his own.

Other cast include: Scott Michael Foster as Hunt Whitmarsh, Graham Beckel as Nathan Cardiff, John Getz as Joe MacMillan, Sr., Annett O’Toole as Susan Emerson, August Emergson as Malcolm Levitan, and Mike Pniewski as Barry Shields.

AMC has brought itself to the forefront of cable television in the past few years. With such series as “Mad Men,” “Hell on Wheels” and “Breaking Bad,” AMC has also blown television away with the series “The Walking Dead,” “Fear the Walking Dead” and now “Halt and Catch Fire.”

Anchor Bay brings amazing entertainment to those extending their media library and is also celebrating their 20th Anniversary. From theatrical to home release, Anchor Bay brings STARZ Original series, AMC Network series, The Weinstein Company, Radius, children’s entertainment, fitness, and sports to fans. To discover more of what Anchor Bay Entertainment has to offer, please visit www.anchorbayentertainment.com.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Halt and Catch Fire: The Complete Second Season” four tubs of popcorn out of five. Once again AMC has brought a series that is smart on so many levels. The first season was a slow start for me it was important and because of that I was thrilled with the second season. Expanding the world of each character means that season three can’t start soon enough for me.

The DVD includes the episodes SETI, New Coke, The Way In, Play with Friends, Extract and Defend, 10Broad36, Working for the Clampdown, Limbo, Kali, and Heaven is a Place. Also included are the Special Features Inside Episodes 201-210, History of Now, The New Joe, Tour of an 80’s Starship, and Set Tour with Lee Pace and Scoot McNairy.

“Halt and Catch Fire” returns for it’s third season on AMC beginning Aug. 23.

In the end — welcome to mutiny!



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