Now on Blu-ray and DVD from HBO Home Entertainment and director Steven Soderbergh is a story that could go as many ways as a “Mosaic.”

Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone) is a famous author who is living on some of the most beautiful land in the United States. Watching this grand lady is Joel Hurley (Garrett Hedlund) who finds himself in a conversation about his own creativity. Interested in the young man, all too quickly Joel takes up residence on Olivia’s property in exchange for work that needs doing.

Hoping for a connection of some kind, Olivia is surprised to discover that Joel already has Laura (Maya Kazan) and isn’t happy about it at all. Entering her life is Eric Neill (Frederick Weller) and Olivia finds herself hopelessly in love. She even turns to friend JC Schiffer (Paul Reubens) to share her feelings.

Everything is about to shift when after a night of sending Joel on his way and learning that Eric isn’t everything she thought — something horrendous has happened to Olivia. Enter Nate Henry (Devin Ratray), a mild-mannered local cop who finds it his mission to discover what has happened to her, why and who is responsible.

Eric now has his feet to the fire when it is discovered that how he met Olivia and what his plans truly were put him on trial for murder and he is sent to prison. Four years go by and Eric’s sister Petra (Jennifer Ferrin) begins an investigation of her own knowing that her brother, for all his faults, is not responsible for what happened to Olivia.

Seeking out Joel, they return to the scene of the crime literally and begin to piece it all together slowly with the help of Nate Henry. Joel also discovers what it is he has been hiding for years. Petra finds there is so much that was missed and secrets that have been busting at the seams to be known — and even Olivia has something to say about it all.

Murder is very, very patient for secrets to be revealed!

Stone as Lake comes out of the gate kicking in this role. She is strong, vulnerable, opinionated, and would rather hurt others before they have a chance to hurt her. Finding that her fabulous life is lonely, she is always on the look out for someone to keep her from feeling anything but happiness. Stone saunters in as only she can and fights to the very end.

Hedlund as Joel has serious issues! Hoping that Olivia can help him with his creative dreams, he also has a drinking problem that causes him serious blackouts. Leaving for some time to get his life back on track, his return back to the town where everything happened brings him far more than he could have realized. Hedlund has the unique ability to be vulnerable without anyone seeing it and shaking on the inside without any of it showing on the outside. Well done!

Weller as Eric is a man who is on a mission, a paid mission that is. Sent to swindle Olivia, he finds that he actually cares for her. When the man cutting the checks threatens to expose him, Eric knows he has to do what’s right by Olivia and find a way to make things right.

Ferrin as Petra should have been a detective from the start. She has an instinct and follows every lead no matter where it leads. Believing her brother is innocent, Petra wants to make sure no stone is left unturned and knows that every story has a deeper meaning.

Ratray as Nate Henry is absolutely brilliant in this role. He is a very outwardly easy-going law enforcement officer who just wants to know what happened to Olivia. When he isn’t dealing with other officials who are on power trips getting in his way, he slowly begins to understand that the original case was a hot mess and he isn’t taking any chances when it case comes up again.

Shout out to Reubens as JC — anytime I see him on the screen I’m thrilled.

Other cast include: Beau Bridges as Alan Paper, James Ransone as Michael O’Connor, Jeremy Bobb as Frank Scott, Zandy Hartig as Melissa Henry, Michael Cerveris as Tom Davis, and Bridey Elliot as Tia.

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The Blu-ray includes a digital copy to watch anywhere or instantly stream on television, computer, tablet or smartphone. The bonus feature includes “Heart of Homicide: Big Murder in a Small Town.”

“Mosaic” is an absolutely twisted limited six-part mini-series that isn’t going to let you rest for one moment. The characters are each important to the story and what leads them to the finale is something to see. Stone leads the way, Hedlund keeps us paranoid and officer Nate takes us into a place we never see coming.

That’s what makes “Mosaic” so intense because in each episode there are so many secrets and deceptions to the point of feeling crazy. The cast is exceptional and without that, the story could have easily fallen but what each of them did was make me want to know more until I had to pick up my jaw on the very last frame.

In the end — it’s murder in a small town!



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