Coming to DVD from the BBC and directors Simon Bell, Verity White and Gavin Maxwell and narrated by Stephen Fry comes HIDDEN KINGDOMS.

The first episode, in the Sonoran desert another cute face resides with the grasshopper mouse. When looking for food for her young she encounters rattlesnakes, tarantulas, centipedes and scorpions! Elephant shrews are the darn cutest creatures ever in the Savannah! I would never have guessed their incredible speed or their lifestyle. The Dung Beetle to me is one of the most hilarious creatures ever! That being said they are amazingly strong and goal oriented.

The next episode takes viewers deep into the forest where acorns falls and chipmunks start to hoarding for winter survival. In the rainforest, high up in the trees is a tree shrew. There way of life between day and night are as different as those two times of the day as well. Both Chipmunks and tree shrews contend with their enemies whether living deep below the earth or high in the trees.

Episode three takes viewers into the world of marmoset monkeys that live in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro. As the city encroaches on their homes, they try to adjust to their surroundings. In Tokyo geckos climb high above the city for their meals and the jumping spiders sling themselves to their prey while the rhinoceros beetle takes a walk.

FINAL WORD: What beautiful cinematography! From the slow speed of the animals to the beautiful but deadly look at the desert floor. The music also adds an element of fun and danger.

I also have to say there are some hysterical moments here. Seriously, I had to remember I was watching a documentary because I truly was enjoying the silliness along with the vast information. The suspense in places is amazing.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give HIDDEN KINGSDOMS four tubs of popcorn out of five. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a documentary so much. Full of color, life, realities and yes even information about these amazing creatures in our world. Wonderfully narrated by Stephen Fry

From nature providing its spectacle and those living within it, this truly is one of BBC’s best. Seeing things from the eye view of these little creatures gives the viewer an interesting perspective to their lives.

The inside look of how the filming is set up and takes place is just as interesting as the little creatures themselves. So much goes into getting the filming that I have so personally say thank you for making it happen!

The DVD includes Mike Guntons’ introduction, Creating the Shot, Creating the Score, Extended Scenes and Storyboarding the Beetle. Showing the natural world from a different perspective is what makes HIDDEN KINGDOMS even more worthy of a look.

In this 177 minute DVD, every moment is a joy to watch and shared with the whole family. If you enjoy watching programming that kids will delight in and adults will ‘awwwww’ watching then add HIDDEN KINGDOMS to your home library.

In the end – its time to discover the smallest in our world!



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