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Coming to theatres from writer/director Michael Sarnoski and Neon is a story of a complex man who just wants his PIG.

Rob is a forager that has been living in the woods of Portland for over ten years. Along with his pig, they forage during the day for truffles and enjoy the solitude together. The only time he has a visitor is when young Amir (Alex Wolff) arrives to collect the truffles and delivery the hermit supplies. Not interested in conversation of any kind, Amir goes on his way.

Later in the evening, Pig wakes Rob grunting at the door and the unthinkable happens – Pig is taken! Making his way back into the world, he relies on Amir to take him where he wants to go in search of his bovine. Clue after clue, Rob is back in the place he once had a name for himself, and it is a name not forgotten.

Amir is stunned to watch Rob navigate his way back into a world he gave up on so long ago. Each person they meet has their own story to tell about him and it leads to who is responsible for taking Pig!

Cage as Rob is so moving as a man who has his reasons for living a secluded life. The two things that made his life continue are truffles and Pig. The occasional visit from Amir seem to make him more irritated than anything else. I have come to appreciate Cage taking roles where he is more action than talk because anything else I may need to know shows in every part of his face. He gives Rob a fragile humanity that seems to escape Amir until he sees interactions with others.

Wolff as Amir is a young man who has made a business out of selling the truffles that Rob finds but also has a story of his own. Trying to make a life of his own away from a father who clearly has issues of his own, Wolff starts off Amir as a fast driving, narcissistic young man who weaves his way into a business with Rob that keeps him from needing anything from daddy dearest. Yet, there is a heartbreak he must come to terms with.

Other cast include Adam Arkin as Darius, Gretchen Corbett as Mac, Darius Pierce as Edgar, Julia Bray as Tweakette, Elijah Ungvary as Tweaker and Nina Belforte as Charlotte.

Neon is a film production company that is best known for such films as I, TONYA and one of the most incredible Oscar winning film PARASITE. With a total of 12 Academy Award nominations, Neon appeals to audiences that are looking for in-your-face storytelling. For more information please visit

Director Sarnoski says, “What began as a very personal project has transformed into a labor of love for so many talented people. I am thrilled for us all to be bringing this strange world to life.”

PIG is such an amazing film that is a mixture of humanity, an unlikely friendship, food, and a pig. Cage and Wolff give us a mystery to be sure but as each of their story’s are told and we see Rob re-engage in the world (well, in the best way he emotionally knows how). His motivation comes in the form of a lovely pig who clearly enjoys his human’s company. Of course, those who know Rob is in the forest misunderstand their relationship.

Once Pig is taken, Rob snaps out of the forest haze and will do anything to track him down. That includes going places from his past and seeing people who are shocked to see him in one way or another. Mixed into the story are truffles and what is means to chefs looking to create something “exiting” in their industry which does not escape Rob in the slightest.

I can not say enough about Cage’s performance except he carries the story on Rob’s shoulders with the weight of an invisible anchor. As a die-hard Cage fan (and I love the film KNOWING so take THAT!), it is interesting to see the directions he takes in every movie he chooses. Fascinating and sometimes happily unexpected for me. Wolff gives his character attitude, but it is based on something much deeper, and this young actor expresses it so very well. Performing alongside Cage, this actor held his own and it was enjoyable from start to finish.

PIG is a film that is mean to be enjoyed with a beautifully plated serving of love and a glass full of aerated soul.

In the end – we do not get a lot of things to truly care about!



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