Every 90 seconds a memory of World War II – its sights and sounds, its terrors and triumphs – disappears, according to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

With the men and women who served in this devastating war now being in their 80s and 90s, it is ever more important for authors such as Joyce Shaughnessy to capture this chapter in history for generations to come. With a passion for U.S. history and after many hours of dedicated research, Shaughnessy proudly presents, A Healing Place, a historical fiction about a family who lived through WWII.

“When we sit down to read a novel about an era in history, we can learn history in a more readable’ format,” Shaughnessy says. “It teaches us what others have gone through and how they survived the hardships they faced. Hopefully, we learn from mistakes and history doesn’t repeat itself.”

Shaughnessy grew up in the oil camp called Texon, Texas, one of the settings in her book. Detailing events that took place in the “Dustbowl” region and the West during the 1930s and ‘40s, A Healing Place follows the Miller family as they move from Oklahoma to Texon during the Great Depression to find work. Later in the book, one of the family members experiences the “Death March,” a 64 mile walk in which the Japanese murdered 12,500 POWs by cruelty, neglect and atrocity.

First in a series of three, A Healing Place outlines the triumphs and tragedies American families had to endure during WWII in the United States, demonstrating the strength they had no choice but to uphold. A book for both history buffs and entertainment-seekers, A Healing Place captures the thoughts and feelings of American families at this time.

“I believe that the strength of our nation was tested when it became the victim of the Nazi and Japanese fanaticism in WWII,” Shaughnessy says. “We learned that the “Greatest Generation” of our time really were those who sacrificed so much so that we could live in the freedom we now enjoy.”

A Healing Place by Joyce Shaughnessy
Paperback, $19.99, Hardcover, $29.99
Kindle Edition, $2.97
ISBN: 9781453524459
Available at www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.xlibris.com, and www.goodreads.com

About the author
Joyce Shaughnessy lives in Midland, Texas with her husband, Dennis. They have two grown daughters and four granddaughters. Shaughnessy received a degree in English literature and worked as a Certified Legal Assistant for five years. She has also published Blessed Are the Merciful, Our Forgotten Soldiers, and is currently writing The Unsurrendered, A Search for Jacob, also historical fictions. Shaughnessy suffers from fibromyalgia and researching historical fiction and writing her books is therapeutic.



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