Opening in theatres this Friday from directors/writers David Palmer and Dax Sheppard with Open Road Films comes a cautionary tale of what happens when you HIT AND RUN.

This film tells the story of Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) and his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell). Enjoying there life today in bliss will now be put to the test as Annie has the opportunity to start a new job in Los Angeles. Charlie isn’t to thrilled about changing their great life together.

Someone else who isn’t happy is Annie’s ex-boyfriend Gil (Michael Rosenbaum) who will do anything to get Annie back. Strangely enough there is another person whose not happy, Randy (Tom Arnold) the federal Marshall watching over Charlie.

One detail Charlie was mum about is telling Annie he is under witness protection for having turned against his friend (Bradley Cooper) on a bank robbery. What happens next is mayhem, craziness and love.

FINAL WORD: Sheppard as Bronson has always been a curiosity to me. Following his career for a few years now I’ve discovered that he always seems to choose the roles that are off the beaten path. I like that actually. He is no cookie cutter comedian in this film because there are just some things that aren’t right – but in a way that is funnier than I could have ever imagined.

Bell is cute as Annie and has her moments of witty remarks and pushing the envelope about the world she’s surrounded herself with. I truly enjoyed the banter between Annie and Charlie and thought to myself ‘Annie – you can’t walk away from that!’ Then I realized I was saying it out loud during the movie – well played Kristen, well played.

Cooper is the most lovely, caring and insane character in the film, and the audience ate it up! Cooper is a crowd pleaser with THE HANGOVER following, and here they won’t be disappointed either. Rosenbaum was just creepy and, well creepy as ex-boyfriend Gil. There isn’t anything he won’t do to get Annie back and repeatedly proves that through the entire film. Personally I still don’t think he gets it!

Arnold as Marshall Randy just stole my heart! From the moment I realized who, what, where and how is character was I got a cramp in my neck from shaking my head so much only to be matched by my sides hurting from laughing at his escapades. The scenes between Arnold and Jess Rowland who plays Officer Terry are priceless.

Other cast include: Ryan Hansen, Carly Hatter as Angela, Kal Bennett as Mary Ann, Kristen Chenowith as Debbie and Beau Bridges as Clint Perkins.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give HIT AND RUN four tubs of popcorn out of five. I went in to see the film not knowing a lot about it and came out still wiping tears from my eyes. This is a surprise sleeper comedy that everyone needs to see. From cool cars, to cute girls, to handsome weird dudes and even animals – there is nothing in this film that isn’t comical in some way, shape or form.

The one-liners, comebacks, raw in the face situations, car chases and the dry dog food are brilliant. Dax obviously has chemistry with real-time love Kristen Bell but seriously, the scenes with Cooper are not to be missed. Arnold is – well – I’m going to have to look up a better word for hilarious because he surpasses that.

Stay for the end credits to get a final laugh-filled moment!

In the end – witness protection isn’t all its cracked up to be!



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