Are you ready for an early Christmas present? Oh yes, I think you just might be! All five of the franchise films from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment are yours to have in a iconic paint can as inside you will find “Home Alone: The 25th Anniversary Collection.”

In 1990, film families were introduced to eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) in “Home Alone,” a kid caught up in the middle of a large Christmas vacation to Paris with the entire clan. Constantly in every one’s way, he is sent to his room for the night after wishing he didn’t have a family anymore.

Well, when you are dealing with crazy adults and tons of kids, someone is bound to get forgotten. When Kevin wakes up he discovers his family has disappeared and for him it means joy of joys! That is until two burglars Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) come into his life.

Now Mom Kate (Catherine O’Hara) is trying to get home, the burglars have never met a more resourceful kid and thanks to Old Man Marley (Roberts Blossom), Kevin learns the true meaning of family and Christmas!

So how can it possibly happen again? We are talking about the McCallisters here in the 1992 “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” and once again Christmas is here and there is a mad dash to the airport. Kevin becomes confused and separated from his family. Taking the plane he thinks his family is on, Kevin ends up in the Big Apple!

Checking into a swanky hotel, Kevin takes advantage of life in the big city and a twitchy hotel manager Mr. Hector (Tim Curry) to live it up a little. He meets the Pigeon Lady in the park and after hearing her story knows things must change. He also is drawn to a toy story where he sees Harry & Marv, the burglars who made his life difficult and learns what they have planned – and it isn’t good.

When Harry and Marv see Kevin – their lust for revenge brings them right into the hands of a master kid who knows how to set traps! It is another Christmas to remember.

In 1997, “Home Alone 3” introduces us to Alex D. Linz (Alex Pruitt), a young man who knows a thing or two about mayhem. After shoveling snow for a neighbor, she rewards him with a remote control car. What Alex doesn’t know is that thieves have hidden something in the cars chip!

Alex is stuck at home after discovering he has chickenpox giving him plenty of time to discover those same thieves eyeballing him! When a snowstorm hits Chicago all bets are off as Alex turns to his family to beat the bandits at their own game!

In 2002, television got into the act with “Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House” as Kevin McCallister (played by Mike Weinberg) comes head to head with his nemesis Marv (French Stewart). This time Marv keeps it a family affair with wife Vera (Missi Pyle) following hubby into trouble.

Spending time at his father’s new home with fiancée Natalie, Kevin sees Marv outside the house. Trying to explain what they were doing to his father, the family would rather believe Kevin is being difficult. That’s when he realizes if he wants a criminal taken care of – he’ll have to do it himself. After all, he’s an expert at it!

Finally, in 2012, “Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist” came to television for the holiday season. This story is about 10-year-old Finn Baxter (Christian Martyn) who is moving with his family from California to Maine. When they arrive, Finn believes their new home is haunted. Trying to catch the new ghosts, Finn discovers Sinclair (Malcolm McDowell) and Jessica (Debi Mazar) are not ghosts at all – just burglars who have never met a determined kid before!

John Hughes is responsible for writing and producing “Home Alone” and “Home Alone” 2 films. Being a fan of John Hughes films and saying it with pride, it has his stamp of comedy and ‘awwwww’ moments galore. “Home Alone” and “Home Alone” 2 is directed by Chris Columbus.

Although “Home Alone 3” was written by John Hughes, the director seat went to Raja Gosnell. “Home Alone 4” was also written by John Hughes with the director’s chair going to Rod Daniel. “Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist” was written by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre with Peter Hewitt directing.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is amazing to once again bring just what fans want for their home library. Continually bringing new entertainment content for everyone’s media library, their format includes DVD, Bluray, and Digital HD. To discover more of what they have to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: “Home Alone: The 25th Anniversary Collection” four tubs of popcorn out of five. It doesn’t matter how many times these films are seen, they truly bring everyone together. Having them all together in the awesome paint can means a marathon will be happening – several times over!

The gift pack includes: Home Alone – 4K Bluray Restoration, DVD and Digital HD, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Bluray, DVD and Digital HD, Home Alone 3 – DVD, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House – DVD and Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist – DVD. Also included is a Christmas ornament, rubber spider, the battle plan as well as a Wanted Poster featuring Harry and Marv!

Celebrating “Home Alone’s” 25th Anniversary, it is time to bring the family around the big screen at home and remember why we took Kevin into our hearts in the first place. There is so much comedy here with actors that made it all look easy. Culkin, Pesci and Stern became front and center stars of the first two films becoming literally iconic with everything from their hats, the paint cans, bricks and one liners such as this little gem, “Merry Christmas you filthy animal”.

I have to give a shout out to Tim Curry as Mr. Hector and Rob Schneider as the bell boy in “Home Alone” 2: Lost in New York. Catherine O’Hara as Mom is hilarious when she takes on anyone who stands in her way of getting to her boy and John Heard are great as Kevin’s Dad because most of us know our Dad wouldn’t be so forgiving.

Each story is about the frustrations of being a small kid in a big family (which some of us can relate to), the true meaning of friendship, listening to one another, standing up for what is right and, more importantly, love of family. Colorful, John Williams providing the music and characters that we can’t get enough of – get your own can of memories with “Home Alone: The 25th Anniversary Collection.”

In the end — family fun and holiday mayhem in one can!



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