In theatres this Friday, and just in time for Halloween, from director Alexandra Aja from a novel by Joe Hill and Radius-TWC comes a tale with HORNS.

This film tells the story of Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe), a young man thoroughly and completely in love with Merrin (Juno Temple). Since they were children it was clear that their love affair was deep.

After a night of drinking, Ig wakes up to a harsh discover that Merrin is missing. Immediately the town points the finger at Ig, especially Merrin’s father Dale (David Morse). He can’t go anywhere without someone starring or making their feelings clear. Mom Lydia (Kathleen Quilan) and Dad Derrick (James Remar) continue to stand by their boy.

Helping him legally is childhood friend Lee (Max Minghella), he believes in Ig’s innocence. After a big bottle bender, Ig wakes up to a disturbing feature he didn’t have the night before. Protruding out of his forehead is a pair of horns.

These aren’t just any horns as they seem to have the ability to be seen by some and not by others. As Ig tries to discover the meaning behind what is happening, he also discovers that the horns give him insight as to what happened to his beloved Merrin.

Things are about to get hot!

FINAL WORD: Radcliffe continues to shed the ‘boy who lives’ image and here is another chunk of wood on that fire. As Ig he is a man insanely in love who wants answers as to why that love was taken from him. Discovering that his presence brings out the verbally worst in people, he is shocked at what the town’s people are thinking.

I have to admit it is also still strange for me to hear Radcliffe swear yet with every word he becomes more and more his own actor. From the comedy WHAT IF to playing Allen Ginsberg in KILL YOUR DARLINGS, Radcliffe continues to fascinate with the characters he chooses and the direction he steers, which is as far away from Hogwarts as he can.

Morse as Dale wants Ig thrown in jail and the key disposed of. This actor always plays good angry roles and yet I still see the young hopeful Dr. Jack Morrison in the 1982 series ST. ELSEWHERE.

Quinlan as Mom Lydia is so endearing yet when she goes off on Ig – trust me when I say I’m sure a Mom or two has thought the same thing, just not as daring to say it out loud. Temple is very sweet when she shares the screen with Radcliffe. Her flashbacks are beautiful pieces to a puzzle and she does very well.

Graham has a very small role but it is none-the-less someone we’ve all seen or heard before. She cracked me up totally!

Other cast include: Jay Brazeau as Father Mould, Alex Zahara as Dr. Renald, Joe Anderson as Terry Perrish, Kelli Garner as Glenna Shephard, and Heather Graham as waitress Veronica.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give HORNS four tubs of popcorn out of five. I’m going to one again have to be vague here about some of the plot because it’s too delicious not to be seen for yourself. However, as a teaser there is a priceless scene in the film where Radcliffe’s character says to the press that are hounding him, “how about you guys beat the sh*t out of each other and the winner gets an exclusive with me!” I about fell out of my chair laughing at what follows after.

That’s only one time that I either dropped jaw or giggled in the midst of this dark tale to be told. I enjoyed this film for so many reasons and I’d love to discuss them all at length. Here I can say that Radcliffe is clearly the captain steering this ship as the film takes twists and turns with highs and lows that.

The special effects, makeup and cgi are pretty cool and very well done. The film has moments where laughing inappropriately is not only acceptable but I can’t imagine anyone being unable to not laugh. Perhaps because HORNS is so bloody twisted it appeals to my humor because of it. Good thing I know plenty of people just like me!

The novel was written by Joe Hill and if that name doesn’t seem familiar then you need to go get this book and also 20th Century Ghosts. Just to throw some knowledge on you, Joe Hill is the son of another brilliantly twists writer aka Stephen King! The apple definitely fell right next to the tree!

In the end – love hurts like hell!



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