Coming to theatres from director Jocelyn Towne and Gravitas Ventures is a moving story of a family filled with secrets to know I AM I.

This film tells the story of Rachel (Jocelyn Towne), a young woman whose mother has recently passed. While at the funeral Gene (Kevin Tighe) attends the funeral and attempts to speak to her.

She discovers that Gene is in an assisted living home suffering from Korsakov’s Syndrome. His memory is now frozen in time as he can not remember anything past the age of thirty-five. When Rachel tries to clear things up for him, it does no good and she is frustrated.

That is when Rachel decides to go into her father’s delusions and becomes – her mother! Now both Rachel and Gene begin having conversations about life, love and things that went wrong in ‘their’ relationship. She learns things she never knew about her parents

Visiting him everyday the strain begins to take a toll on Rachel’s home life and other relationships. Even Gene’s caregiver Jonathan (Jason Ritter) who has connected with him sees what all of this is doing.

She must decide how to move forward for both their sakes.

FINAL WORD: Towne as Rachel is brilliant in this role. It is clear she has her own issues with her father, and who wouldn’t. Watching this character grow in understanding brought me to sniffles once or twice. Looking for that connection first based in anger and later based on a craving to know her father, this actress brings us on an emotional roller coaster and I enjoyed the ride!

Tighe as Gene is equally as amazing! I can’t even begin to say enough about his performance. Now understand that I remember Tighe back in my youthful television days when he played Roy DeSoto on the show ‘Emergency’ in 1973 (shaddap about my age!) and continued to follow his career. Here I enjoyed watching him tell the story from his point of view – which is filled with love, agony, memories and regret and all before the age of 35.

Ritter as Jonathan sees both sides from an outsider’s point of view but with all the care and concern for both Rachel and Gene. There are moments of heartbreak as well for this character as he wants what is best for all.

Other cast includes: Simon Helberg as Seth, James Morrison as Keith, Angela Paton as Doris, Ramon De Ocampo as Adrian, Dawn Didawick as Sharon, Josh Clark as Michael Singer, John Apicella as Dr. Cooper and Anne Gee Byrd as Pam.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give I AM I four tubs of popcorn out of five. What a moving story about family life that isn’t all a bed of roses. Watching Rachel take on what I see an almost impossible relationship with such beauty and grace is brilliant. The story is so well told from all perspectives and the camera is allowed to let the audience feel. There are not fast cutaways but instead quietness that gives us time to take everything in.

Each scene brings the viewer closer and closer to knowing that something has to give – and the end result is nothing short of heartbreak and heartwarming at the same time. It brings a conversation to all who see it of ‘what would you do?’

Take some time when considering what film to see this weekend for a telling and lovely story of a father-daughter relationship with I AM I.

In the end – who will you be when you forget who you are?



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