Opening in theatres this Friday is a musical comedy with a bite in “I KISSED A VAMPIRE”. This film tells the story of Dylan Knight (Lucas Grabeel), a young man whose eyes are full of love for Sara (Adrian Slade). The problem is – he has become a vampire! Caught in the web of Trey Sylvanie (Drew Seeley) he has to tell Sara who he has become.


Trey on the other hand has big ideas and big fangs towards Sara! Trey grabs the young woman and turns her into his new vampire conquest. Now Dylan’s goal is to find a cure before Trey makes Sara his own.


Filled with comedy, one-liners and musical numbers “I KISSED A VAMPIRE” will have fans of this genre very happy. Drew himself is no stranger to musical theatre or music in general. Having recorded several songs for Disney and in 2005 worked together with producer Ray Cham to bring “Getcha Head in the Game” for the High School Musical soundtrack.


He has also recorded with the mega-hit group The Chipmunks on their ‘Undeniable’ CD singing “Shake Your Groove Thang” with Alvin and the gang. His film credits include the film “A Cinderella Story” in the role of Joey Parker opposite Selena Gomez and Jane Lynch. But that wasn’t enough as Seeley wrote four of the films songs as well as the hit “New Classic”.


I was lucky enough to talk with the films star Andrew Seeley who plays the devilish Trey about his role and his love of both theatre and film.


Hi Andrew, thanks for talking with me today.


No worries at all.


Tell me, I saw the movie – thought it was funny and interesting that a critic tagged it between a cross of “Twilight” and “Glee”, how do you feel about that?


I don’t mind it. Obviously both of those films are pretty huge so if that’s going to get butts in the seats for people to watch it then it doesn’t bother me. I think it is its own creation with campy fun.


That’s the word I used was campy. It also had a “Rocky Horror” feel to it?


Oh wow, that’s a big compliment.


Tell us how you got the role?


That was interesting, I auditioned for Lori and Chris who created the project but for something else about a year and a half earlier. You go to a million auditions as an actor and get two of them and think you do great and don’t hear back most of the time. I didn’t get that movie but a year and a half later Lori and Chris called my manager out of the blue and said, “we have this new thing we are doing and we think Drew would be good for it do you think he’d be interested”. I read it and looked at some of the pre demos with the music and thought it was campy and fun. I got on board and they were looking for someone to play Lucas’s character and got him set up for it. Initially he wanted me to play Dylan’s character because they didn’t see me as sinister or dark enough to be Trey.




They wanted me to be Dylan! They didn’t see me as Trey but I thought I could do this, it would be fun so let me be the bad guy.


Now I can’t imagine you playing Dylan at all. You seem to have a history of doing musicals, is that first and foremost over acting?


Not consciously. For some reason that seems to be my wheelhouse; f you ride the horse in the direction its going kind of thing. I’ve been getting a lot of calls for music and music related projects. In addition to acting I’m a singer as well and have released an album and a few music videos that are on Youtube right now. Music is a big part of who I am and what I love to do. Music and acting projects together is sort of my favorite thing to do. I gravitate towards them I guess.


Is that something you did a lot in high school?


I was in all the musicals and plays in high school.


Is that when you knew acting was what you wanted to do?


Before that actually, one of my first jobs was being one of the kids in “Showboat” in Toronto. They put it up there before they took it to Broadway and it played a year and a half at a really beautiful theatre in Toronto. I was eleven and that was my after school job as a kid and I discovered then that it was IT for me.


Paper routes or musicals eh?


I played a paperboy on stage.


So it all evens out! What projects are you working on now?


“Elixir” is a movie I have coming out in the spring of next year. It’s an ABC Family musical in which I do sing and dance and all of the stuff I love to do. “The Interrogationist” doesn’t have any music, it’s a series of shorts that friends of mine in Orlando was doing. I did a guest spot on that.


Are you working on anything in particular now?


Yes, I’m shooting a Lifetime movie called “Tall, Hot Blonde” and had to cut all my hair off and die it red which is really interesting because I’ve never done that before. Courtney Cox is directing it so that’s really exciting for me because I watched “Friends” forever.


You get to play a ginger?


Yep, my fiancé is a ginger as well so for the last week everyone thinks we’re brother and sister and freak out when I give her a kiss! Now we’re both redheads.


How was it working with Courtney Cox? A combination of star struck AND she’s your boss!


Yes. I flew back from Florida two weeks ago and got a call that afternoon to come in that day at 5 to audition for the project. I went in and it went well, then they said come back at 7 to audition for Courtney. I met her that night and the first time through I totally blanked out and couldn’t remember any of my lines. I don’t know if it was jet lag or star struck or both. She was really sweet about it. Most times they would be like ‘okay, thank you, see ya!’ She actually had me do it again and gave me direction, had me do it again a third time and she gave me more direction. Got a call the next morning saying I got it. Its one of those weird things that happens that keeps everything exciting.


Tell me about your character?


I play a younger version of Garrett Dillahunt’s character. He is on “Raising Hope” and he’s really good. I play his vision of how he sees himself as a younger man. That’s why I had to go red head because that’s how he sees himself in his younger glory military days.


It sounds like your keeping busy?


Yes, I’m treading water plus I got engaged about three weeks ago.




Thank you! That’s been my world for the last month planning, telling everyone, keeping up with all that and what the next steps are.


Having done both musical theatre and acting, which do you think you’ll gravitate to once the time comes to choose?


I’m surprised I haven’t had to choose yet. I think film, I really love theatre but I’m happily planted in Los Angeles, I love it out here. I think to really pursue theatre properly I’d have to go to New York. I’ve lived there and love New York but I’ve built my life in Los Angeles. I love them equally but I think film because I can still do music on the side and release albums and stay musically involved with things at the same time.


How successful has your album been?


It’s doing really, really great. I released a music video a few weeks ago for a cancer patient at John Hopkins. I wrote a song for her and flew to Baltimore with my friends and surprised her and played the song for her and her friends at the hospital. We filmed it and it was a really awesome day and we put it on YouTube and trying to raise money from the song, all the money goes directly to John’s Hopkins Pediatric Cancer Research. It’s had 150,000 views in three weeks. People are definitely responding to it all.


Tell me the name of the album?


It’s called “Resolution” and that single is not on the album but its called “Fly”.


I will definitely check it out and pass the word along!


Thanks, I do appreciate that.


Thanks Drew for sharing with us!




There you have it! A multi-talented and versatile young man who is also humble and giving to his fans. For his video for “Fly” go to and to learn about all things Drew subscribe to his Youtube page and see the videos for his new album “Resolution”.


I KISSED A VAMPIRE is showing at the Reading Gaslamp in downtown, San Diego this Friday. Go and get your fang on!



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