Opening at the Reading Gaslamp 15 in San Diego from director Chris Nolan and Monterey Media Inc. comes music and the beyond with “I Kissed A Vampire”.

This film tells the story of Dylan Knight (Lucas Grabeel), a young man whose eyes are full of love for Sara (Adrian Slade). The problem is – he has become a vampire! Caught in the web of Trey Sylvanie (Drew Seeley) he has to tell Sara who he has become.

Well, that is going to be easier than he thought when Trey grabs Sara and turns her into his new vampire conquest. Now Dylan’s goal is to find a cure before Trey makes Sara his own.

With the help of Dr. Dan Helsing (Chris Coppola), Dylan takes a stand against Trey and his evil group of groupie vampire gals to win back the girl of his dreams!

FINAL WORD: Grabeel as Dylan has comedic timing, dancing skill and a singing voice that undeniable. This isn’t surprising considering he had a role in the monster hit HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL in the role of Ryan Evans.

Slade as Sara is cute, bubbling and in love – with a vampire. She also has the ability to hold her own with dancing and a fantastic singing voice. This is her first chance to show her abilities on screen as she currently attends the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Seely as the campy vampire Trey is entertaining. It is obvious that he enjoyed the chance to sing, dance and be playful with his role. He also was in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 and has done work with “Another Cinderella Story” and the television movie “Claire”.

Director and writer  Chris Nolan’s career has been as a director for the 1996 series “Silk Stockings” and the 2004 film “Going to the Mat”.

Other cast include: Mekia Cox as Nikki Ho, Amy Paffrath as Luna Dark, Emily Morris as Desiree Damned, Sally Slade as Bitty Kilgore, Katie Seely as Lydia BloodworthyAutumn Grabeel as Penny Plasma, Mike Slade as Dr. Payne and Lori Lively as Dr. Lori Light.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “I Kissed a Vampire” three tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is a campy, fun and very musical piece. It has a combination of a little Glee-like musical quality with a cast that plays off each other very well. This is definitely geared to the audience who loves all of these things.

So gear up, prepare to laugh, sing and cheer for young love of the undead!

In the end – you’re the bite!



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