Coming to DVD and Digital HD this October from director Damian Lee and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the dance of “Ice Girls.”

Mattie Dane (Michaela du Toit) is a young girl who is forced to put her ice skating dreams on hold when she takes a fall during a tournament. When Mom Kelley (Lara Daans) moves to the family to a new town and share a home with Aunt Ginger (Sheila McCarthy), Mattie discovers the local ice rink.

Heather (Taylor Hunsley) is on the ice practicing for her next tournament. Not happy with peeping eyes, Mom Rose (Natasha Henstridge) asks rink owner Mercury (Elvis Stojko) to make Mattie leave.

That’s when a friendship between Mattie and Mercury as he encourages her to get back on the ice. Knowing there is no way the family can afford training; the two come to an understanding. At the same time Mattie and Heather become good friends much to the dismay of Rose and Mattie befriends Darcy (Shane Harte).

Mercury also finds a sports doctor that can help Mattie and she begins training on the ice. Finally feeling comfortable in her new situation, it all begins to change when secrets and stories come to the surface, friendships are tested and families learn what is important.

Du Toit as Mattie portrays such a strong young girl dealing with many home issues. Her love of the ice is something that can’t keep her away and although scared, Du Toit gives Mattie grace. This young lady carried the film with the same smoothness as her skating.

Hunsley as Heather is a young woman with issues brought on by the stress of expectations. Bringing it all forward is done so well and with some humor in the awareness.

Daans as Mom Kelley struggles to keep the family together with the help of McCarthy as Aunt Ginger. Harte as Darcy is a young man with his own family problems and lets Mattie into his life and a wonderful friendship begins. Stojko as Mercury sees something in Mattie and wants to do whatever he can to bring back the champion he knows she is.

Henstridge as Rose is a mother who wants the best for her child but has an intense way of showing it. Putting all her focus on Heather, sometimes Mom forgets that the young skater needs the guidance and love of a mother and not the pressure of a sports-parent! Is there a chance for change?

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I had the opportunity to speak with Natasha Henstridge about the film “Ice Girls.” She shares insight about her character and what we all could learn from the storyline!

Jeri Jacquin: Hi Natasha, I’m so glad we could talk to day.

Natasha Henstridge: Hi Jeri, me too.

JJ: I saw the film and I have to ask you, what made you decide to want to take on this character?

NH: People know me as being such a really mean and cruel person and I never play that in a movie so I thought it would be a great opportunity to do it [we are both laughing].

JJ: Yes, most of the roles you play you aren’t so…well…nasty?

NH: What is so ironic that for years I wanted to play something different. I have played that tough and hard character and I needed to change it up. I’ve played a lot of Moms and done family movies being sweet. I thought I’d turn and go the other way. The way Damian Lee described the character Rose he had to convince me to say and do all these horrible things! I thought it would be cool being a sort of Cruella de Ville or a high pressured Dance Moms with the crazy competitive thing. I actually thought it would be a lot of fun. There is humor in it all and Rose just can’t help herself being that controlling mother.

JJ: It’s funny you mention Dance Moms because you are a mix of the Moms and Miller, like you rolled that up to make your character. You made me laugh a lot.

NH: Thank you, that’s fun! There were moments where I felt a little silly but the stuff where I am teasing her about her weight and junk food I thought it was so hard to do. Then I talked to Taylor’s [Hunsley] Mom and I said some of this is far fetched right? She told me ‘not at all’ because the mothers really do put their children under a lot of pressure. It was interesting to talk to her about it.

JJ: I wondered if you had looked into that because there are so many issues these girls faced and the way the film handled it was well done.

NH: Exactly, at points I thought that it was overkill but once I learned there were Moms that were far, far worse it helped. I have children and I’ve seen them play sports and there are those parents that take things a little to far. Kids have their dreams and aspirations but sometimes the parents get carried away.

JJ: Isn’t that exactly what your character in the film does? Goes a little too far?

NH: Yes, exactly, living vicariously and putting undue pressure on her daughter for all the wrong reasons.

JJ: What did you think of the script when you first read it?

NH: Having been a fan of figure skating, my Mom and I loved watching figure skating. I’m Canadian so that’s par for the course and although I didn’t figure skate I would go to the rink a lot as a kid. I think it is such a beautiful sport. When I found out that the film actually had two professional figure skaters [Hunsley and du Toit] who were going to act I knew this was going to be fun. I thought it was sweet and nice messages in the film.

JJ: It is not that Damian beats you over the head with messages; he leads the viewer to it.

NH: Definitely, it is a family film for sure and you get a sense of where it is going seeing each of the characters have their own life realizations. There is a bit of growing up through the girl’s process and even my character does as well knowing she’s being too hard on her daughter. My character Rose learns from her own child and it happens all the time that parents do.

JJ: Your character goes back to being how I’ve seen you over the years which is sweet.

NH: Which I really am! [laughing]

JJ: Maybe that’s why watching you play this role is so entertaining because you portrayed Rose as a hard woman who had to go through her own difficulties to be just a cool person again.

NH: Absolutely, I mean there were comedic elements which is always fun to play as well.

JJ: You did it very well. Working with du Toit and Hunley, it had to be interesting to watch them go from the ice to the screen?

NH: Yes, Damian really did a good job in choosing these girls watching them go from skaters to carrying a film as actresses. They did such a beautiful job. The girls did a lot of their own skating stunts. Watching Michaela fall time and time again in her scene I thought ‘these girls are tough’. They worked so hard being at the rink at 4 in the morning and at practice before we had a long day of filming. It was pretty incredible to watch their amazing work ethic, very impressive.

JJ: I didn’t know that the girls were professional skaters?

NH: Isn’t that something? When you watch them perform it seems so natural. They took to acting with the same work ethic as their skating. They did the best they could and it is apparent in the film.

JJ: What would you like viewers to take away from the film?

NH: We do learn a lot from our children and to learn to let go of control and focus on more important things, which is the journey not the destination, and focus on the more important things in life. There are so many connections to be made in life and we need to enjoy that more.

JJ: Thanks so much Natasha!

There are so many lessons from the film along with the moments of comedy that Natasha brought to the film. That’s what makes family films so important, especially now in this fast paced world where spending time together seems harder to do. We need family, friendships, learning and love to bring us closer together and stronger.

“Ice Girls” is a fantastic opportunity to get together with a bowl of popcorn and couch-cuddle time to watch beautiful skating, a story that is filled with messages and comedy.

In the end — dare to dream!



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