Coming to Bluray from director Law Wing-Cheung and Well Go USA Entertainment comes an unthawing from the ICEMAN.

This film tells the story of He Ying (Donnie Yen), a warrior from the Ming Dynasty. Trying to protect his Emperor, things go horribly wrong when he is accused of treason by two of his soldiers. During an avalanche they are all buried in the snow.

During a freak truck accident, three cryo-pods are thrown out on the street below a bridge. As the pod opens, He Ying awakens still wearing his armor from his time period and now it is 2014. Confused about what is going on around him he is befriended by May (Huang Shengyi), a young woman who wakes up the next morning and realizes she can get a few bucks from her new unusual friend.

Back at the accident, the other pods open with Sao (Wang Baoqiang) and Niehu (Yu Kang) coming to life. Looking for He Ying they rescue two Indian street hoods and become part of their mafia. What none of the three realize is that Cheung (Simon Yam) is also looking for them looking for something precious that He Ying is carrying, something that can change their lives forever.

He Ying will stop at nothing to do what is right!

FINAL WORD: Yen as He Ying gives this role everything he’s got. From ancient warrior to all around good guy in the modern age there is even humor mixed into this character. He adapts quickly yet never forgets who he is and that some parts of a person don’t change, no matter how long you freeze them for!

I just have to say, I have found such respect for Donnie Yen in the last few years. The first film I saw with Yen was the 2009 film IP MAN to which I continue to say he totally deserved his two Best Acting awards from Beijing College and the Huabiao Film Awards. This year he won the Asian Outstanding Actor award at the Asian Film Awards.

Cryo-Pod mates: Baoqiang is tough and fiery who doesn’t have a problem jumping and slaying left and right. It’s interesting to me that he can make people jump when he’s not much taller than I am. Of course he is able to put on a serious beat down (except against Yen, so there!). Kang as Niehu is not the smartest piece of chicken in the curry bowl but boy can he chow down! He is Sao’s muscle to be sure.

Shengyi as May is a young woman who is into partying in a large way but then again she isn’t a couple of hundred years old like her kindly roommate. The scenes with Yen, Shengyi and the mother are really very funny.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ICEMAN three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a mixture of two period pieces with the Ming Dynasty costuming and modern day when Yen’s character sort of gets it together. Hey, he’s been gone a while so fashion isn’t exactly his forte. There is action galore and a cliff hanger at the end so I am definitely looking forward to ICEMAN 2 later this year.

The action is intense, the cinematography keeps up and the music will blare out any good television speakers (I kind of like that in my action films). This is the kind of film to settle back and watch the pieces come together.

The Bluray includes the bonus features: The Making of ICEMAN and the trailer for the film. Well Go USA Entertainment brings the best action, genre and independent films to release from all around the world. To theatres, digital, television and Video on Demand, Well Go has an amazing selection available to fans of every genre. Check out what’s new and what’s coming up at

In the end – he is thawed out and fired up!



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